The Damongowura Seidu Kelly Boresa (I) has assured the people of Damongo and it’s environs that there is absolute peace in Damongo under him as the Paramount Chief of the Traditional Area.

Addressing the press in Damongo on Monday 1st April, 2024, on behalf of Damongowura Seidu Kelly Boresa (I) in his palace to set the records straight in respect to the recent impasse on the enskinment of the Damongowura, Mr Hardi Jamani stated that there is only one nominated and enskinned traditional Chief in the name of Damongowura Kelly Seidu Boresa (I) who is accepted by the King and Overlord of Gonja, Yagbonwura Bii-Kunuto Jewu Soale (I).

He reminded the people of the Gonja Kingdom that anybody who seeks to be called Damongowura is only an agent of societal destruction which every well meaning son of the land should never take serious.

On the recent impasse in Damongo which led to the burning of properties and arrest of some suspects in allegedly involved in the act, Damongowura Seidu Kelly Boresa (I) indicated that a son of a Chief he named Budamawura by name Prince Tahiru Yakubu and his cohorts were behind all the attempts to create tension and chaos in Damongo all in the name of tarnishing the name of the legitimate Damongowura Seidu Kelly Boresa (I)

He disclosed that a younger brother of Budamawura Yakubu Gbeadese was recently enskinned by Damongowura Seidu Kelly as Janfarowura which led to the burning of his properties including a holy Quran by his own children led by one Hardi and family members of Budamawura Gbeadese amidst gunshots which Prince Tahiru later in a press conference accused some youth of the Damongowura who he described as hooligans as being the brain behind the act.

He went further to bring to the notice of the security services that the peace of Damongo is still under threat by Prince Tahiru and his cohorts as the continue to threaten Damongowura Kelly Seidu Boresa (I) and the people of Damongo that they will shoot anytime the Damongowura prepares to perform his legitimate functions including observance of cultural dance and enskinment of sub-chiefs with several audios backing his claims which the regional and municipal police commanders of the Ghana Police Service are in possession of.

Damongowura Seidu Kelly Boresa (I) warned that all though he and his people have remained silent and calm under those provocative actions and threats of Chief Budamawura and his people, if that continues, he will use every legitimate means and actions to bring them to book, adding that he is ever ready to protect the tradition and customs of the Damongo skins despite the political backings that is behind Budamawura Yakubu Gbeadese’s side.

He concluded that Damongo under him as the Damongowura has already installed six sub chiefs including 2 Queen Mothers with more enskinments already approved and ready to take place anytime soon and called on sons and daughters of Damongo to embrace peace since development can never take place in the absence of peace.