Twellium Industries, a Ghanaian multinational beverages industrial company and producers of Verna Natural Mineral Water, Verna Active Water, Verna Premium Water, Chale Fruit Drinks, Rush Energy Drink, Planet Drink, Run Energy Drink, Rasta Choco Malt, American Cola, Go On Energy Drink among others has demonstrated its commitment to philanthropy by extending support to the Muslim community in some parts of the Savannah region during this Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The company provided packs of Verna mineral water and assorted drinks to aid Muslims during this significant month of the year. The donation underscores their dedication to supporting individuals and communities during this meaningful period.

The company’s commitment to social impact resonates positively with stakeholders and reinforces its reputation as a responsible corporate entity.

Among the areas visited included Bole, Sawla, Larabanga and Damongo all in the Savannah Region were assorted drinks and packs of water were distributed to the vulnerable.

The media person for Twellium Industries mr James Jebuni Daniel said the gesture follows previous acts of generosity where Twellium Industries donated to the Tamale Central Mosque and other Muslim communities in the Northern Region.

He said by extending their support to the Savannah region, the company continues to show its dedication to making a positive impact on communities across Ghana.

James Jebuni Daniel added that the donation of Verna mineral water and assorted drinks aims to provide essential refreshments to members of the Muslim community as they observe Ramadan.

He said through these donations, the company reaffirms its commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement.