The Rotary Club of San Jose in the United States of America USA) and the Rotary Club of Wa Ghana held a ground breaking ceremony at the Bole Senior High School and Kurabaso Primary School on 9th March, 2023 to commence work on water and sanitation facilities.

In her opening remarks Madam Alfreda Eghan Afisa Yahaya, a member of the Rotary Club of San Jose US, and a native of Bole acknowledged all stakeholders for playing a significant role in the processes.

Madam Afisah said she visited home (Bole) some three years ago and decided to take a tour to some institutions within, and it was an eyesore when she got to the Bole Senior High School Girls dormitory and saw washroom and toilet facility.

She said the Headmaster at the time lamented at the poor sanitary condition of the girls and the dilemma with open defecation.

She said the story was not different when she went to Kurabaso Primary school.

She added; “Kurabaso is a historic Primary School and a landmark in Bole and this is where the first cohort of educated Gonjas started school including my father and a lot of people in this audience”.

Madam Alfreda Eghan Afisa said; “After learning this I decided to propose to my Club to support a Rotary Global Grant to help the schools”.

She tasked all Stakeholders to supervise the smooth completion of the projects.

Mr Stephen Mwinkaara of the Rotary Club of Wa which is the Project Host said Rotarians dedicate every month to focus on one of these core areas of Water and Sanitation, disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, peace and conflict resolution, economic and women empowerment, basic education and literacy and the environment.

He added that coincidentally, this month of March is the Water and sanitation month so the Rotary Foundation and the and Rotary Clubs across the globe are dedicating this month to improve on efficient water and sanitation delivery.

He added; The birth this water and sanitation projects a result of the benevolence of your own daughter Rotarian Alfreda Eghan Afisa and her club members in the USA with support from the retreat foundation through the Rotary Foundation”.

Mr Stephen Mwinkaara of added that the sod cutting was cement a foundation of friendship between the 2 schools, the Rotary Club of Wa and the Rotary Club of San Jose in the USA.

He said; “Permit me to mention Rotarian Alfreda Eghan Afisa ans her Club through whose instrumentality, this project was conceived and birthed”

At the Bole Senior High School the groundbreaking ceremony is for projects that include 32 Bio-Digester Toilet Seater for Girls; 30 Stall Bathrooms for Girls 3; Rewiring two Classroom Blocks at Bole SHS; Mechanizing existing Boreholes and Replacement of Four Leaking Water Tanks and Holding Structures.

The second groundbreaking ceremony took place at the Kurabaso Primary School, and the projects include Renovation of Primary one to three Classroom Block; Tables and Chairs for the renovated Classrooms; Four KVIP Toilets; Two Urinals and a Staff Common room.

On behalf of the Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) Mankumawura Dramani expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the rotary club for coming to the aid of the institutions.

He said it is his vision to the partner any individual, group and organization to bring development to his people.