The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Savannah Region on 16th October, 2023 held a press conference at Damongo to demand what they say are the ten fundamental questions regarding the development of the and progress of the Savannah Region that Vice-President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia must answer.

The NDC Communications Officer for the Savannah Region RA Jalil who read their statement said; “the need for today’s press conference arises from the economic challenges imposed upon the residents of the Savannah region by the NPP government and its Economic Management Team, led by Dr. Bawumia”.

He added; “Within the Savannah region, the NDC has consistently highlighted the deteriorating living standards resulting from the poorly conceived economic policies and social interventions of the NPP and Dr. Bawumia.

RA Jalil stated that recently, the NDC in the Savannah region extended a cordial invitation to Dr. Bawumia, urging him to respond to ten pertinent questions but surprisingly, rather than tackling the ten vital questions regarding the development and welfare of the people in the Savannah region, Dr. Bawumia abandoned his responsibilities at the seat of government.

He said; “He (Dr Bawumia) utilized state resources and taxpayers’ money to concentrate on his campaign activities in the Savannah region, all in the name of canvassing for votes to become flagbearer of the divided NPP.

They explained; “it is worthy to note that the presence of Dr. Bawumia in the Savannah region was needleless and only intensified the pain inflicted on the good people of the savannah region as a result of the abnormal and throat-cutting economic and social policies of the NPP government spearheaded by Dr. Bawumia.

RA Jalil said;
“Noticeably, Dr. Bawumia initiated his regional tour in Buipe. Despite the distressing situation faced by the recent flood victims in Central Gonja, specifically Buipe, Dr. Bawumia chose not to spare a few moments during his Buipe visit to express empathy towards the flood victims. This inhumane decision of Dr. bawumia was made despite the pleas for assistance from significant figures in the region, such as Buipewura, who had specifically requested government support prior to Dr. Bawumia’s arrival. Instead, Dr. Bawumia luxuriously drove through the principal streets of Buipe, recklessly met with his party members to seek votes, and irresponsibly departed from the town without dedicating even a brief moment of his visit to show solidarity with the distressed flood victims”.

The NDC said another significant incident highlighting the unnecessary nature of Dr. Bawumia’s visit to the Savannah region was his arrogant refusal of the invitation extended by the King and Overlord of the Gonja State to attend the annual Yagbon Damba.

They stated; “It is public knowledge that Dr. Bawumia’s decision to avoid the Yagbon Damba stemmed from his attempt to evade the ten pertinent questions raised by the NDC in the Savannah region.

They added; “It has become widely known that Dr. Bawumia has become a subject of ridicule in the Savannah region due to his tendency to deceive traditional leaders, women, and the youth in the region, coupled with his government’s numerous unfulfilled promises”.

The NDC Communications Officer for the Savannah Region RA Jalil further said; “It has become evident from his needless regional tour in the Savannah region that once again, he notoriously evaded providing answers to these questions, reinforcing the urgency of his response.

The Savannah Region NDC reechoed the ten vital questions they said need urgent answers from Dr. Bawumia.

The NDC in the Savannah Region said their ten questions demanding Dr. Bawumia’s urgent attention and response, must be reiterated and they were: “Where is the Damongo water project that Dr. Bawumia promised to the residents of Damongo in 2018, after he led the NPP government in terminating the contract signed by President Mahama, which aimed to provide a reliable and sustainable water supply to Damongo and its surrounding areas?”; “What happened to the Daboya Bridge that Dr. Bawumia pledged to the people of the Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency in the North Gonja District?”; What has become of the regional house of chiefs’ complex that Dr. Bawumia ceremoniously initiated the construction of in 2020?” and “Why has the construction of the Bususnu-Daboya road been abandoned despite funds being secured and made available by President Mahama for the project?”.

Other questions were; “Why has the NPP government neglected the Salaga-Makango road, turning it into a hazardous thoroughfare?
Question Six: After being in office for seven years, why has the NPP government neglected the maintenance of the Sawla-Fufulso road, which was originally constructed and inaugurated by President Mahama?”; “Why did the NPP government cancel the Memorandum of Understanding to construct a Teacher Training College in Bole, a project initiated by President Mahama?” and “Why has the NPP government forced the people of Daboya-Mankarigu in the North Gonja District into the distressing situation of receiving medical attention and treatment under trees?

The rest of the Savannah Region NDC questions were “Why is the Buipe Shea Processing Factory not operational, even though it could have provided employment and an alternative livelihood for the people of Buipe?” and “What is the current state of the East Gonja Municipal Hospital, a facility promised by Dr. Bawumia?”.