There was a serious scuffle between some supporters of the NDC and the NPP at the Kurabaso registration center in Damongo on the first day of the voter ID registration resulting in the beating of the NPP Nasara Coordinator for Damongo Constituency Mr. Nsorwura.

According to the information picked at the center, some Zambarima traders who are non-Ghanaians were at the center to register, which the NDC agent resisted since they are non-Ghanaians who are also not residents in the constituency.

According to a reporter Lansah Muniru, the Nasara Coordinator who was also at the registration center insisted the Zambarima traders had been in Damongo since 2005 and have been staying in his house but the NDC guys will not have any of that. This resulted in a scuffle between some supporters of the two main political parties leading to the exchange of blows.

The Nasara Coordinator in the process suffered a dislocation in the arm and some bruises on the head.

Stakes are very high in the Damongo Constituency between supporters of the two political parties with the seat being contested by the deputy chief of staff Lawyer Samuel Abu Jinapor as the parliamentary candidate for the NPP and the NDC’s Adam Mutawakilu who is the MP for the area and also the ranking member for mines and energy in Ghana’s Parliament.

The Member of Parliament over the weekend accused Lawyer Jinapor of holding several meetings to bus people from  Kintampo North to register in the Damongo Constituency. But the deputy chief of staff in a quick rebuttal said it was the right of every citizen of the constituency residing in different parts of the country to come home and vote and also went further to accuse the MP of also meeting residents of the constituency in Tesano and other areas in Accra to convey them to the constituency to be registered.

Source: Lansah Muniru