By Asumah Sherif Pororo (NDC Activists- Damongo)

Tomorrow, 17th February, 2023, there is going to be yet another round of imposition ceremony from the quarters of the NPP in Damongo Constituency. This is the second time running that nobody in NPP can muster the courage to contest Abu Jinapor in their internal elections. In all these it is not the case that nobody has the capacity to contest him, but it is the case of intimidation, harassment, blackmail and sabotage.

Yes, all the others have suffered one or two of the above dirty tactics from the quarters of Hon Abu Jinapor. After all, Hon Sule has on two occasions contested. Hon Albert has contested and won on two occasions. Hon Saeed Muazu Jegede has also contested the NPP primaries before. So all these people have the capacity and every reason to contest. Or they don’t want to become MP?

It is recalled that in the run up to Parliamentary primaries leading to the 2020 general elections, there was an in-house coup in the NPP which claimed the glory of Hon Albert Diwura. The grand scheme to get Hon Albert out was orchestrated and executed well with the able support of the then Constituency Chairman, Hon Kwame.

At a hidden meeting it was planned earlier that Hon Sule Nyadia and the others should declare their support for Hon Jinapor without any opportunity in the future to ever contest him. This was done on the blindside of Hon Albert Diwura. It was executed and when Albert had cause to complain, he was expelled from the group of the big four.

A probe further revealed that this was planned at the Presidency with the tacit approval of the President.

Fast forward, it was revealed that the whole arrangement was a scam. Hon Sule was ostensibly settled with an appointment as the Deputy CEO of the Forestry Commission, but this was more like a political caging exercise. Hon Albert had since long been caged with a similar appointment with GIPC. Hon Ayuba Jackel’s case was even pathetic. The story is that, these three were politically caged and blackmailed to the delegates to the effect that they’ve been settled with various appointments with fat salaries and huge allowances. So they have no reason to complain.

Hon Abass Azumah was the last to be axed. As usual, he was cajoled into the Regional Chairmanship race; he obliged, spent his time and resources to make a move. He was finally cut slack with the excuse that Chairman Kalamonia is the choice of the establishment of which Hon Abu Jinapor was/is a part of. Implying, Hon Abass Azumah who was earlier impressed upon by the same establishment to contest has been blackmailed as well. He ultimately lost the elections and was jostled out of the system as well.

Meanwhile, this was a man who spent his resources in the course of the NPP in opposition. He is been benched without a jersey.

Today, the NPP in Damongo has been mortgaged to Hon Samuel Jinapor. He is alleged to be paying the delegates a monthly allowance, money the rest of the potential candidates cannot afford. Even the middle level potentials have been silenced. Young potentials have now been turned into petty gossips and most times given recorders to record their colleagues for money.

Hon Inusah Sumani and his colleagues who suffered for the NPP in the bitter days in opposition have been retired harshly. In effect the Gazor base has been collapsed by dividing them. Two of them (Kewura and Capacity) were picked and used against the rest. People who use to eat together don’t see eye-to-eye now.

Today, the NPP has a hidden deep wound in Damongo but nobody can talk about it. Even when something isn’t going right, they hide to whisper to the NDC and other members who have no stake in the NPP. After succeeding in working against them, Mr Inusa and his colleagues were made to swear an oath after they agreed to work for Hon Jinapor.

Huge sums of money was allegedly paid to them to go round and eat back their words against Hon Jinapor. This is the state of the NPP in Damongo.

The following have been caged without an option of ever coming out to contest Hon Abu Jinapor in the future:

  1. Hon. Sule Nyadia
  2. ⁠Hon Albert Diwura
  3. ⁠Hon Abass Azuma
  4. ⁠Hon Ayuba Seidu Jackel
  5. ⁠Hon Sumani Inusah
  6. ⁠Hon Saeed Muazu Jegede

The last straw that will break the back of the NPP is that, informing came from the quarters of gossips in the NPP that, Hon Abu Jinapor has hinted of preparing Hon Musah Kusubari to succeed him. A silent announcement that is been opposed up until now, although, it is done and dusted already. Well, the NDC and the people of Damongo are watching. This is a clear indication that the coming of Abu Jinapor was far detrimental to the up and coming NPP politicians in Damongo than it was to the NDC. L

The coming days are going to be interesting.

I ask again, where is Hon Sule Nyadia and the rest? Don’t tell me they will be at the second imposition ceremony tomorrow, of course they will be forced there against their will, because that is how it is done all the time.

I wish the NPP well in their imposition ceremony to be staged tomorrow in Damongo.

16th February, 2024.