The Paramount chief of the Mankpan Traditional area of Gonja, Mankpanwura Jakpa Achor-Ade Borenyi (I) has appealed to the people of his traditional area to embrace peace for the development of the area.

Addressing the people of the Mankpan traditional area during this years annual damba festival held at Domeabra on 10th October, 2023, Mankpanwura Jakpa indicated that peace is not merely the absence of conflict; but the presence of justice, understanding, and cooperation.

He urged especially the youth to recommit themselves to maintaining the peace that has prevailed in the Mankpan traditional area for generations since ”it is our responsibility to ensure that this peace endures for our children and generations yet unborn”

The Mankpan Paramount Chief admonished the people to reflect on the importance of resolving conflicts amicably, through dialogue and understanding as they celebrate the 2023 damba festival.

He added that the people of Mankpan Traditional Area have always been known for unity and their ability to come together in times of need that has seen them through trials and tribulations, and it is the same unity that will continue to guide them towards a brighter future.

Mankpanwura reminded the youth of the area that they are the future of the land.

”Your energy, creativity, and innovation should be the driving force that will bring impressive forward match” he said and encouraged them to embrace education, entrepreneurship, and community service since it is their dedication and hard work that will lay the foundation for the prosperity the traditional area is seeking; he said.

Mankpanwura Jakpa Achor-Ade Borenyi (I) on the part of education pledged his full support to the development and promotion of quality education in the area and has promised to reward students in the area who excels after taking part in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the West African Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The Mankpanwura on the occasion of the Damba festival rewarded some two students in the area for lifting high the image of his traditional area.

He also used the opportunity to appeal to potential investors and development partners to consider Mankpan Traditional Area as a prime destination for investment by partnering with them since they do not only invest in the traditional area but also contribute to the development of the entire Savannah region.

The Paramount Chief of the Mankpan traditional area Jakpa Achor-Ade Borenyi (I) further to remind stakeholders that residents of the Traditional Area most especially Mankpan township and other Communities suffer from access to portable drinking water and strongly made an appeal to the regional minister and other collaborators particularly the Central Gonja District Assembly to get the community a small-town water system to serve Mankpan and its environs with portable drinking water.

Telecommunication network is a major problem the Mankpan traditional area is facing which the Mankpanwura is urging the government to attend to them solve that problem forever.

The Mile 40 stretch of the Buipe-Fufulso Highway according to Mankpanwura is a notable accident-prone zone claiming lots of lives and properties.

He appealed once again to the Savannah Regional Highways Director to as a matter of urgency take pragmatic steps to provide at least three Speed Calming Devices to help reduce road carnages on that stretch of the highway.

The Member of council of state for the Savannah Region and Special Guest of Honour Kpongriwura Alhaji Adam Zakaria in a speech indicated that the concerns raised by the Mankpanwura are very legitimate and assured him that he will channel them to the appropriate authorities for redress.

He said Mankpanwura Jakpa Acor-Ade is one of the youngest chiefs the Savannah Region can boast off and that the youth should at all times support him since that will encourage more of the youth to becoming chiefs in the kingdom.

He used the opportunity to also appeal to opposition parties to support the ruling government since it is not always through critisms that makes the opposition relevant.

Dr. Agbaah Jaaga III, the Gbanpewaa Koro and chairman for the occasion also added his voice to the call on the youth to embrace peace since development suffers in the absence of peace. He said everyone makes mistakes in this world and that even the Mankpanwura can equally make a mistake.

He said amicable solutions should be found for the few issues in the area for development to take off in the Mankpan traditional area.

Several people across the Savannah Region and beyond trouped to the area to mark this years damba.