The Bole District Security Committee (DISEC) has ordered all heavy and long Vehicles using the Techiman to Wa road to rather use the Techiman to Kintampo to Fufulso (Damongo Junction) road in order to save the partly constructed Doli bridge from another eminent collapse.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) foe Bole Madam Veronica Alele Heming speaking to Bole based Nkilgi Fm said the order was sanctioned after a DISEC meeting on Wednesday 11th October, 2023. She disclosed it was resolved that no long vehicle should be allowed to use the Temporally constructed Doli bridge to prevent another collapse.

Madam Veronica Alele Heming further said the she was on her way to Damongo and realized the the Temporally constructed bridge is sinking and can get destroyed anytime soon if heavy trucks are allowed to pass on it.

She added that she called the Savannah Regional Regional Minister to inform him and the minister told her the contractor was on his way to work on it again.

Madam Veronica Alele Heming said there was a communique from the Ministry of Roads and Highways that no long Vehicle should use the temporal Doli bridge again.

She added that some eight long vehicles got to Bole from Techiman and were stopped by the security but a call came from above they should allow the eight to pass.

The DCE for Bole said they later had a DISEC meet and resolved that no heavy vehicle should be allowed to go or else other heavy vehicles parked at communities on the Techiman to Bole road like Tinga, Bamboi and Banda-Nkwanta will also follow.

She said currently the are 14 vehicles in Bole that they have stopped from passing on the bridge.

Meanwhile the Secretary of the Ghana Haulage Drivers Association Mr Imoro Braimah aka Jamoror also spoke to Nkilgi fm and said the road is an international road and all those who are using the road also pay tax.

Imoro Braimah said the Articulator drivers came to complain to the executives of the Ghana Haulage Drivers Association and their Chairman called him and he also called the DCE.

He said he contacted the DCE for Bole buy she didn’t agree with them that long vehicle should pass on the bridge.

He added that later the DCE called that she had a call from above that ordered her to allow the vehicles pass.

Imoro Braimah said later the Bole District Security Committee which the DCE is the chairperson came to the Bole CEPS barrier to order the drivers to go back and use the Techiman to Kintampo road.

He said the 14 vehicles pleaded that Bole DISEC should allow them go simce thay have called all their colleagues not to use the Techiman to Bole stretch of the road.

In a related development some citizens of Bole have called on Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) to get a tax force to support in controlling traffic or vehicular movement using the Doli bridge?

A Resident of Bole wrote; “Returning home from Bole today, I saw about three heavy trucks fully loaded and using that road passing through Doli. Meanwhile, those who passed through today will tell you that, the next heavy rain will not be good for us.

The resident of Bole asked; “How does the heavy vehicles get their way through even though police are at the Sawla roundabout directing them through Damongo Road. I suspect some connivance that gives them the chance to pass through”.

According to the resident of Bole; “the tax force feom Bolewura in my opinion will redirect any heavy duty vehicle to go back to where its coming fro”.

He said; “The police also in Sawla and at Techiman should be cautioned to stand seriously and honestly against any tactics from any body”.