The Paramount Chief of the Mankpang Traditional area of Gonja, Mankpanwura Jakpa Achor-Ade Borenyi (I) has appealed to the people of the Savannah Region who are far and near to do everything positive for the development of the region and to unite to develop the region.

Mankpanwura made the call on behalf of the the President of the Savannah Regional house of Chiefs and Overlord of the Gonja kingdom Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) in a speech during the 46th anniversary of the Gonjaland Youth Association held in Daboya in the North Gonja District of the Savannah Region last weekend.

Mankpanwura further
indicated that this is  an appropriate time for every individual who has interest in the development of Savannah region at heart to woo investors all over the world into the infant region for a clean and strong take off.

He disclosed further that the hospitality and real estate industry are untapped area and used the opportunity to invite investors to venture into that area since that will be of great benefit to them and the region.

He said further that the development of the Savannah region is not the sole responsibility of the government but rather a partnership between all indigenes of the land and the everyone who matter and emphasized the need for the Gonjaland Youth Association to concentrate on its core mandate of conflict resolution and peace management by not allowing  private dealings, social challenges and political sentiments groom to disunite especially the youth of the region.

The Mankpanwura again reminded the leadership of the Gonjaland Youth Association that Gonjaland as a people have a rich culture, which he wants to appeal on behalf of the the Yagbonwura especially to the younger generation to learn so that it can be preserved till thy kingdom come.

On peace, he urged the youth to continue to co-exist no matter where they are  and I urged  them again to stay away from violence, robbery and fraudulent activities. 

He said;
”There is no doubt that there is a greater need to create a culture of peace and conflict free environment”.

Mankpanwura said;
“The path chosen in development to develop our people is second to none. Building peace is not the answer to our challenges as a people but rather the sustainability of the Peace”.

On education, Mankpanwura Jakpa indicated tha the theme for the congress is  “improving standards of education in Gonjaland for sustainable development” which has been chosen at the right time because the standard of education in Gonjaland today according to him has taken a nose dive which needs serious brainstorming to revive the falling standard of education.

He said in this 21st Century, education is a game changer and the development of every nation strives on a very strong educational base. Education is therefore a critical factor in our development and we as a people must embrace it to compliment the effort of our educational professionals in the region.