The collaborative Resource Management Unit of the Mole National Park sees conservation as a very sacred and important duty and so within the past weeks about three hundred (300) basic school pupils and their Teachers have had the opportunity of participating in conservation education programmes organised by the Mole National Park and its partners (the EleWatch Initiative).

The children were drawn from Mole Park’s fringe communities such as Jelinkon, Jentilpe, Grupe, Kabampe, Kananto and Larabanga and were given the exciting opportunity of interacting with the Park’s rangers and also an excursion to the Mole Park.

The visit was memorable for the kids as they had the opportunity of seeing different wildlife, such as elephants, bushbucks and many others as well as meeting wonderful new friends.

The Mole National Park remains ever-passionate about lighting the conservation flame in young ones to ensure a sustainable, green and human-wildlife conflict-free future for us all.

Conservation education is therefore of the pathways that can be used to spark an interest in wildlife conservation for the next generation.