The Bole Magistrate Court located in Bole District of the Savannah Region on 29th September, 2021 sentenced two natives of Bole to a total of 42 Months in Prison for chiselling a hole into a gold shop in Bole and making an attempt to steal gold from the shop.

The two who are all residents of Jakala a suburb of Bole Township are Farouk Yahaya 26 years and Mohamed Osman 29 years.

Narrating the facts of the case to the court, the Prosecutor said after Police investigations, it was realise that Farouk Yahaya and Mohamed Osman are friends who both reside in Jakala in Bole and on the 23rd of September conspired together to break into a Gold retail shop called Extra Gold Mining limited located in front of the Bole St. Kizito Primary ‘A’ School.

At about 12:20am the two accused person’s armed themselves with a cutlass and a pair of hammer and chisel, mounted two tables being used by traders on the street around the area to cover the sides of the back of the gold shop to avoid being seen and started chiseling through the wall to gain access into the shop.

As they were nearly done enterimg the shop after creating a big hole in the wall, a trader who sells cement close to the gold shop and stays near heard unusual sounds from the shops back and decided to walk by to see what was happening and as he got closer Mohamed Osman who was outside saw him approaching and tried attacking him with a cutlass. The trader raised an alarm running by shouting which gave way for Mohamed Osman to escape leaving behind his accomplice Farouk Yahaya hiding around the shop because people had gathered.

Upon a search he was arrested with a hammer and a chisel in his possession.

He was then handed over to the Bole Police Charge Office which is close by.

Mohamed Osman was arrested the next day 24th September, 2021 by the Police with his accomplice leading them to his house.

During Mohamed Osman’s arrest he threatened the lives of the two Police officers with a cutlass but he was over powered during the scuffle.

At the end of the court hearing, his Worship Prince Cudjoe on the admission of both accusers plea of guilty convicted the first accuse Farouk Yahaya to serve a prison term of 18 months whiles Mohamed Osman was sentenced 24 months in Prison.

Source: Jason Jajah