It is often said that celebration of school anniversaries are a very important part of the school life.
During this period, memories rekindle the ‘good old days’ or not so good, providing a platform to celebrate how the school has evolved and grown.

Usually the anniversary commemorates the positive aspects of the school, remembering traditions and instilling a sense of pride in current students.

Anniversaries give the students a sense of the school’s history and in celebrating these milestones the students are participating in the next page of that history.

But in the case of Damongo Senior High School (DASS) in Savannah Regional capital, the dilapidated structures of the school will only lead the past and present students to a scene of lamentations and sorrow.

Authority of DASS, which is the biggest SHS in the region, and was named a Model School under President Kufour have turned toilets and bathrooms of VALCO into dormitory.

The school residence and classrooms have become very deplorabl and unhygienic, while the death trap toilets facilities pose serious danger to the students who use them.

The school was founded on 23rd November, 1971, and will be 50 years in November this year.

Source: Fuseini Safianu