An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) driver, Abubakari Mubarik and his colleague paramedic Mahama Darison who defied rain, muddy road and mechanical problem on their vehicle, to succeed in transporting a patient from Gwollu to Wa in the Upper West Region has been promoted from Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) to a Principal Emergency Medical Technicians (PEMP’s).

The Ambulance Driver Abubakri Mubarik and his colleague were transporting a patient who was on blood transfusion to the Wa regional hospital on Monday 23rd August, 2021 when his vehicle developed a fault in the middle of the journey on the Gwollu-Han road which is one of the most deplorable in the country.

Amidst the heavy downpour and muddy road, then EMT Mubarak in his quest to save the womans life, stepped out of the vehicle to help fix the fault at hand while his colleague Darison attended to the woman in the patient compartment of the Ambulance vehicle. Mubarik eventually succeeded in fixing the vehicle half way and continued the journey to the Wa regional hospital where the woman responded to treatment.

While Mubark Abubakari was struggling to fix the vehicle a witness took pictures and videos of the situation and posted on social media which went viral with many taking to social media to hail the EMT Driver and appreciating the extent to which some EMT personnel sacrifice to protect lives.

The promotion letter of PEMT Abubakari Mubarik dated 26th August, 2021 and signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Ambulance Service Professor Ahmed Zakariah states;
“Management wish to commend you for going beyond the call of duty in handling the incident that took place on Monday 23rd August, 2021, on the Gwollu-Han road when you were transporting a patient with internal bleeding from Gwollu Hospital to Wa Regional Hospital”.

“We commend you willing disposition and selfless dedication in the discharge of your duty as Emergency Medical Technician and also want you to know that we are extremely proud of you”.

The CEO of the National Ambulance Service who is a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine of international repute further stated;
“In consideration of the above, management has decided to promote you out of turn to your next grade level that is Principal Emergency Medical Technician (PEMP), Congratulations!. We however encourage you to keep up with the good service you are rendering to your community and to your nation at large”.