Some residents of Bole scrambled over over a thousand (1000) cartons of expired energy drinks which were improperly disposed at a refuse dump on the outskirts of Bole on the Kiape- Sonyo road in the east of the town.

The residents especially those who were first to see the cartons of the energy drink called “Ginger Flavoured Energy drink” carried many to their homes with some drinking to the full at the dump site.

Bole based Nkilgi Fm upon hearing the information rushed to the area on the outskirts of Bole where some people around complained of seeing some school pupils also taking the expired energy drink with one drinking so many bottles of the expired drink till the stomach was full. It was raised the drinks were not disposed off well but just left at the dump site with people passing seeing them.

Nkilgi fm also visited the Bole district Assembly environmental Health Officer Mr Abdullah Mohammed Baba said that he was first alerted about people rushing for some expired energy drink by an Assemblyman.

He said on Wednesday 5th May, 2021, he and his team would go round Bole town with the Bole District BNI officer to check all stores to make sure all the expired drinks are disposed in the right way.

Mr Baba said the Food and Drugs Authority department is not in Bole and so the Department of environmental Health can represents them and can work on their behalf.

He urged all residents of the District to always report to the department of environmental health if their goods are expired for the necessary disposal.

Mr Baba said they will also do their investigations to identify where the expired energy drinks are came from.

Nkilgi Fm again spoke to the Bole District Health Director of Mr David Bakuri and he urged all parents not to allow their children take the expired drinks because the future implications are very dangerous to their health.

Mr Bakuri said the expired cartons of the drinks were supposed to be disposed before July 2020, but unfortunately it was not done by that time.

He said any expired drink is not good for the body and urged all those who have gone to take some of the drinks to pour them away and not drink them.

He said he will also get in touch with the Food and Drugs Authority to make sure such thing never happened in future.

He said with immediate effect, the Bole District Environmental Health department should ensure no one takes expired products and that he will alert the Food and drugs Board to visit Bole because no one know the quantity of cartons people are keeping.