NASCO Feeding Minds which is a non governmental organisation (NGO) operating in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District of the Savannah Region on 23rd February, 2021 launched the operation of modern Satellite internet connectivity for eleven Basic and Secondary cycle Schools in Sawla.

NASCO Feeding Minds whose main mission is concentrated on ICT literacy for pupils and students in the District said the project will go a long way to enhance and promote ICT literacy and as well connect students to the world.

The Executive Director of NASCO Feeding Minds Mr. Banasco Seidu Nuhu spoke to Bole based Nkilgi FM said; “The NASCO ITC Literacy Project has gotten to such a pedestal where we have been able to secure partnerships from Cisquo and Yazart to connect all our computer labs to the internet and this is a major mile stone because our students will have an opportunity to connect with other students across the globe and they will they will have an opportunity to benefit from online resources”.

The founder of NASCO Feeding Minds Mr Osman Umar was at the occasion and recollected how as a young man he had to cross the desert to Libya and cross over to Spain for greener pastures.

He said his bitter experience travelling abroad made him form the NGO to stop others from embarking on such deadly voyage.

In Mr Osman’s words; “I think this initiative is fundamental because after my horrible five years experience crossing the desert, life in Libya and mediterranean sea I realised that lack of information was one of the main reasons why more than 95% of my died on the way, that is, the desert, Libya and crossing the mediterranean sea colleagues died”.

He further said; “Finally I realised that education can transform our society so our mission is to fees people’s minds instated of Feeding their stomachs and this is exactly what NASCO Feeding Minds is doing”.

Source: Jajah