The Minister of the Savannah Region Hon Salifu Braimah Adam has cautioned the people of the Savannah Region to end the lynching old women over witchcraft accusations since that puts the image of the region in a very bad light to the outside world and appealed to institutions, Non governmental organisations (NGO’s), individuals to support the members of the Akua Denteh Foundation that was launched at Damongo on 1st September, 2020 to to be able to execute their mandate very successfully.

The Foundation of the late Akua Denteh who was lynched in Kafaba in the East Gonja district of the Savannah Region after she was accused of being a witch is expected to tour the Savannah region to sensitize and educate residents to stop beating and lynching women in the name of witchcraft.

The Savannah Regional Minister during the inauguration of an eight member committee in charge of the Foundation covered by Bole based Nkilgi FM, tasked the members to embark on a vigorous education especially in the rural areas on the need to put a stop to the act of lynching people in the name of witchcraft.

Hon Salifu Braimah said the region was created for developmental purposes and not to always be seen negatively by the outside world.

A member of the committee Chief Tolodonpewura Abdallah Monor assured the minister that the committee will work very hard to ensure lynching of alleged witches become a thing of the past.

The Traditional Chief said even in the olden days suspected witches were not lyched but reintegrated into the society after going through certain rites in accordance with Gonja traditions.

The Aku Denteh Foundation committee members are Tolodompewura Abdallah Ahmed,Mr George Amoah Attah, Mr Mahama Salami, Madam Noella Seidu Gardere and Mr Habibu Muftawu.

Others are Madam Lawuratu Musah-Saaka, Miss Musah Mariam Kasha and Hajia Safia Mohammed.

Mr Mahama Dominic Saaka, son of the late Madam Akua Denteh thanked the Savannah Regional Minister and his team for establishing fhe foundation and also pleaded that the death of her mother should mark the end to the lynching of alleged witches in the Ghana.

Another near lynching incident last week involving a 60 year old woman Meri Ibrahim who sustained severe injuries on her skull and legs after being attacked at Sumpini in the West Gonja municipality of the Savanna Region has created much attention on the issue of witchcraft and lynching in the Savannah Region.

Suspects of both Akua Denteh and Madam Meri Ibrahim incidents are assisting the police in their investigation after appearing in the Bole Magistrate court.