The Executive Director for Boresah Royal Foundation, Queen Boresah has donated some items to the baby that was thrown into a septic tank in a public toilet at Bole in the Savannah Region but was rescued.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi Fm on 2nd August, 2020 after her donation, the Exeutice Director of the Boresah Foundation said their foundation was set up to put smiles on the faces of all and so they attend to educational and health needs of the disadvantaged and also roll out interventions to assist people who are dire need of help and that over the past six years they have been working on empowering women and also rescuing disadvantaged children and vulnerable women who are in dire need because they believe every person has a right to a happy life.

She said it was devastating news to hear a newly born baby was abandoned in the septic tank of a public toilet in Bole especially since Bole is her hometown and felt like it was a clarion call to take action because the baby has the right to live hence coming to Bole to help with an amount of GHc600.

She called on everybody to come and help the baby since he is the property of Bole and Ghana and not only Nkilgi FM.

Queen Boresah said the practice of abandoning babies is not a good practice and that our people need more education on such issues.

According to the Executuve Director of the Boresah Royal Foundation she heard the news of the baby on Nkilgi Fm’s website and has to come and see for herself and have the first hand information on the issue and donate what she and the entire foundation has for the child and will late come back to support the child in future.

She said as a native of Bole, she has to come and also support with the little the foundation has for now.

Queen Boresah further thanked the General Manager and the Secretary of Nkilgi FM for how caring they are to the child and have handled the child like theirs so far.

It would be recalled that an unknown woman in the early morning of 21st July, 2020 went to a public toilet near the Methodist Primary School at Mempeasem in Bole town and gave birth to a baby boy inside the toilet after which she wrapped the baby in a piece of cloth and a polythen bag and dumped him into the septic tank of the toilet. The baby was put in an incubator at the Bole government Hospital for sometime and after his discharged is currently under the care of a “temporal care giver”.

Madam Boresah disclosed to Nkilgi FM that she is also on a mission to sensitize the people in some interior communities on why they should not entertain mob justice.

“Most of our people are ignorant about the law. So they think after taking the law in to their own hands to abuse others, nothing will happened next. But those perpetrators are now suffering now”; the Executive Director for Boresah Foundation said.

She also explained that the recent incident which happened at Sumpini which led to the near lynching of a 60 year old woman must not happened anymore.

Queen Boresah said just some few days back a similar one happened at Kafaba in the Salaga East Municipality in the same Savannah Region and the perpetrators are facing trial and so do not understand why another similar incident should happened in less than a month.