The Manager of the Northern Sector Area for the National Insurance Commission (NIC) Mr Joseph A. Akanlagm has advised every vehicle owner in the Savannah Region to make sure they register their vehicles with the National insurance companies as it is obligatory since 1958.

Speaking from the studio of Bole bases Nkilgi Fm Mr. Joseph A. Akanlagm said when one registers a vehicle or motor the commission takes the responsibility to insure the owner.

“The National Insurance Commission (NIC) made it compulsory or mandatory for every vehicle owner in Ghana to register his or her vehicle to make sure in case of any accident, the vehicle is insured. He said it was made compulsory since 1958. So if your vehicle or motor is registered with the NIC, you would have to renew it annually for your vehicle to be insured at anytime there is a freak. But most people do not know this because some people think after securing a car from the third party and the car is registered, you don’t have to register it again. You need to register it in your own name again”; the Northern Sector Area manager of NIC said.

He also advised passengers who board commercial vehicles to be careful of patronising vehicles that are not registered with the National insurance Commission. He urged passengers to always determine which car is registered with an insurance company by using the Insurance commission code.

“You can only determined which car is registered with the National insurance commission or an insurance company by entering or dialing on your phone ” 92057# ” and your phone will take you to “Enter Vehicle Registration to Verify”. After entering that, you would be signified whether the vehicle is registered or not”

He further added; “If after verifying and you get to know the vehicle is not registered, just report the vehicle to the police and the vehicle would be arrested. You need to board a car or vehicle which is registered with the commission, in case the cars is involved in an accident, you would be compensated by the commission but if is not”; Mr Akanlagm added.