The Gonjaland Youth Association, has joined the call for the immediate arrest and prosecution of persons involved in the lynching of a 90 year old Woman Denteh Akua at Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah region.

The National President of the Association Lawyer Mohammed Amin Osman also called on the people of Kafaba to cooperate with the police in their investigations.

“We as an association condemn this act to the highest level because not only is it against the laws of the country, it is also alien to us Gonjas”; the Gonjaland Youth President said.

On his part, the Chief of Kafaba Seidu Yahaya expressed gratitude to the leadership of the association for their interest in ensuring peace in Gonjaland.

He however denied sanctioning the invitation of the alleged spiritualist into the Kafaba community.

He assured the Gonjaland Youth President and his team, he will cooperate with the police in their investigations.

The Gonjaland Youth delegation was made up of the National President, some national executives and branch executives of the association from Kpembe and Kafaba.

90 year old Denteh Akua was allegedly lynched by a supposed spiritualist and her accomplices who were invited into Kafaba to identify witches.

According to them, witches were behind the under development in the area.

In a video, two women believed to be the soothsayer and her accomplice were seen torturing the deceased while others look on.

Lawyer Amin and the team proceeded to the family of the deceased to mourn with them.

“Your request to have the perpetrators of that barbaric act brought to book will be heeded to because it’s of great concerm; Mr Mohemmed said.

Family of the deceased accused the Kafabawura for the lynching of their relative and called for his arrest together with the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, the body of late Denteh Akua has since been buried.

Source: / Mufti Habibu Muftawu.