A popular Dagomba writer and human rights activist has congratulated the King and Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) and the Five Eminent Chiefs of Gonjaland mandated to go into the Bole Chieftaincy problem and led by the Buipewura Abudulai Jinapor (II).

Mr Basiru Bejejugu has commended the Gonja Traditional Council for unanimously confirming Chief Abudulai Issahaku Kant as the legitimate Bolewura with the skin name Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I).

Mr Bejejugu said he is more happy that as part of the peace agreement Bolewura Kutuge Feso (I) will install Chief Abutu Bukari as Jentilpewura.

Basiru Bejejugu first of all highly commended the Yagbonwura for his exceptional leadership skills by approaching the matter with great maturity compromise and tact.

The human Rights Activist said the Yagbonwura by yielding to the wish of the masses of Bole has succeeded in annexing their loyalty as well as the entire Gonja people who had an interest in the matter as well as those who reported on the matter from afar including himself.

Mr Bejejugu said; “Indeed Yagbonwura would down in history as the Overlord who once made amends to his previous decision in order to build peace among his people on whose behalf he rules”.

Basiru Bejejugu also said God will bless Chief Abudu Bukari by accepting to revert to Jentilpe as the Jentilpewura and that he has demonstrated that he was seeking for the Bole skin to serve the people.

Basiru Bejejugu further said Gonjaland and Bole is proud of Jentilpewura Bukari Abudu.

Basiru Bejejugu said the verdict given Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) has rather increased his responsibility as a true leader to lead a selfless campign to reconcile with all the followers of the Yagbonwura of his previous stands as well as family and the followers of Jintilpewura Abutu Bukari.

Basiru Bejejugu said as a loyal follower of Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge (I) he has no doubt he would do the right things.

Basiru Bejejugu said the matter went to court but failed to bring the required solution and so if today Gonjas themselves have come together to resolve the issue themselves then everyone nees to celebrate Gonjas and also learn from them.

Basiru Bejejugu also called on the Savannah Regional Coordinating Council as well as the Bole District Assembly to immediately restore all properties destroyed in Bole last year and the owners properly compensated to seal a permanently this peace initiative as brokered by the great Yagbonwura.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com