Abudu Seidu Kurabaso aka Redfyah is a musician in Ghana. His humility, hard work and commitment to all that he does are the reasons Global Dream considered before settling on him as its Brand Ambassador.

Redfyah’s initial task is to lead Global Dream to raise funds to help build Global Dream proposed youth volunteers and leadership retreat centre in Bole in the Savannah Region of Ghana.

About Global Dream:

Global Dream is an International self-financed Humanitarian organization which is Non- Political, Non- Sectarian and Non-Profit. Established in 2005, Global Dream currently operates two African nations namely Ghana and Nigeria.

Global Dream says that, volunteering helps to change the lives of the people including the volunteers. Research has revealed that over 80% of the people would volunteer when asked. They therefore recruit and train young men and women as volunteers and send them back into the communities to help tackle society’s needs as well as enrich the lives of those involved. Global Dream intends to make most people volunteers.

Objectives Of Global Dream:

  1. To assist other stakeholders to ensure that there is adequate safe blood in our hospitals and clinics available for use by all patients who require transfusion by recruiting voluntary blood donors as well help to sustain them.
  2. To assist other stakeholders in the fight and campaign against HIV/AIDS and other STI’s as well as malaria.
  3. To educate the youth on drug use and drug abuse.
  4. To care for the vulnerable in the community through Global Dream.
  5. To organize youth exchange programs for Global Dream Volunteers with other organizations abroad with similar objectives to help build self-confidence as well as help the youth to experience other countries culture.


To be the leading Voluntary Organization in Africa when talking about Humanitarian issues.


To improve the quality of lives of the people through Voluntary service so that they can effectively contribute to the overall socio-economic development of their community or nation at large with the youth as our primary client.


  1. Voluntary Service
  2. Hard Work
  3. Dedication.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com