Critic of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and founder of The People’s Project (TPP), Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus, has been speaking about circumstances resulting to the revocation of the mining lease of Ghanaian businessman, Ibrahim Mahama.

According to A Plus, the NPP government dragged the founder of Engineers and Planners to the Supreme Court and ‘crucified’ him over failure to go to Parliament for a formal consent after securing the lease.

“…When Ibrahim Mahama, a Ghanaian got his mining lease, the government of Ghana took him to the supreme court to revoke his lease arguing that he did not have parliamentary ratification”, he said.

A Plus, claimed that, the government was aware that no mining company (locally or foreign), had parliamentary ratification but it went ahead to revoke Ibrahim Mahama’s mining lease all because of his National Democratic Congress (NDC) affiliation.

“…The government knows very well that not a single mining company in Ghana, locally or foreign owned has parliamentary ratification but just because they wanted to victimize and NDC person Ibrahim Mahama, they singled him out and revoked his lease”, A Plus claimed in a post on his Facebook page sighted by Ghana Guardian.

Kwame A Plus observed that there are other several mining companies which equally have no parliamentary ratification but the Akufo-Addo led government has long refused to drag them to the Supreme Court. He accused the government of favouritism.

“…Today, out of shame this same government which revoked Ibrahim Mahama’s license for not having parliamentary ratification and gave a concession he spent millions of Dollars prospecting to a chines company, (synohydro) instead of asking the same supreme court to revoke all licenses of mining companies who are mining without parliamentary ratification have rather taken this list to parliament for ratification”, he observed.

He added: “HE Nana Addo told me one morning in 2018 in his house that when a Ghanaian and a foreigner are bidding for something, he will always prefer the Ghanaian gets it”.

He continued: “You see, when I spoke against how unfairly Kingdom Herbal and Yafo Yafo were being treated by Opuni and his FDA when NDC was in power, I was not fighting for Kingdom Herbal and NPP people. I was fighting for Ibrahim Mahama and NDC people because I knew they won’t be in power forever and that one day same will be meted out to them. Today, I’m back here talking about how Ibrahim Mahama is being unfairly treated. I’m not fighting for Ibrahim Mahama or any NDC person. I’m fighting for Gabby Otchere Darko, kingdom Herbal and other NPP people because they won’t be in power forever”.

“…I totally agree that wrongdoers must be punished, but this practice of NDC victimizing NPP businessmen and vice versa must come to an end at some point. If this stops now, we won’t come back here some years later to talk about how NPP businessmen are being victimized. Today it’s Ibrahim, tomorrow it may be you”, he discerned.

A Plus added: “This 63 years of tit for tat must stop now!!!”