Jamal DiNi a young Gonjaland Musician who has been described as a “Talented Versatile hiplife artiste” seem to be in a serious beef with someone.

Jamal DiNi whose real name is Hassan Jamal Bayanka and known for his good looks (handsomeness) was born at Damongo to Mr. Hassan Brutus Butuwura and Mad. Azara Adam Braimah (Daughter of Yagbonwura Timu I).

The popular Gonjaland Artist took to Facebook on 15th and 16th May, 2020 to make a series of posts and many wonder what his beef with whoever he is referring to is all about.

Below are the words of some of Jamal DiNi’s Posts on his wall on Facebook;

“Promoting already made artists from a different land at the expense of ur own people vividly shows how a failure you are as a Dj. Music or no Music man go chop Food”.

“If They Couldn’t Help You They Then Start To Hate You Wjen You Succeed On Your Own”.

“Somebody couldn’t manage 3 promising artist in Gonjaland. I just wonder why”.

“70% of songs recorded under J2bees and Vhimthingz brand were recorded on freebeats. Why? Because truth be told everything we put in music never comes out and it’s not any body’s fault. The industry is still growing and our people are yet to pay more attention to us. Until then we shall continue to be more prudent on what we put into music. From where I stand Insha Allah there’s no sound engineer I can’t pay but for now getting people to understand that Gonjaland got Talent is my ultimate aim. I’m not sure if the fruits of Gonjaland music is ripe that’s why I don’t even stage shows to havest”.

“I got too many fishes to fry and Once my fans are ok then no need to change the status qou. I will not do music at the expense of helping humanity. What is good music to an empty stomach? The time to go professional is closser”.

“T I P

“80% of the people who hates us do so based on hearsay. They don’t know us yet they hate”.

Meanwhile Nkilgi FM came across a write up from another Gonjaland Musician called “Currency” on 14th May, 2020 that took Jamal Dini to the cleaners.

Below is the Full Write Up from “Currency”:

Actually, I came across a piece of writeup captioned “Advice to Daanga” from a self acclaimed king of Savannah music on a WhatsApp platform, to which I deem a necessity to address.
Let me start by congratulating you for coming back to the industry with your two by four record label,though without any branding.
We have seen more of your caliber though (artists using other artists fame to resurrect their dead careers), but you got the right person using a wrong approach.

Let me first of all sound it to you that when it comes to artists scrutinization in Savannah region, Daanga is far bigger than you by all standards, for that matter you are unqualified to address him as an underground artist.
You claimed you have released hit songs while Daanga has no hit song in his entire career right?

Now tell me ever since you claimed to have returned into the industry,have you had a hit song? You dropped about three songs yet non of them is a hit yet you claim to be the king of Savannah music. Was it not because you are not producing hit somgs that made you leave the industry?

Mr. Royal Prince JamalDini, we know how you begged Imrana to get him on your mixtape (money) which didn’t even hit, you are not even ashamed to boast with it, your first time meeting an “A-level act” and all you could deliver to your fans is a mixtape.

As a king that you claimed to be, you should be an example to your people, but think of it in your own case, king of mixtapes, Royal Prince of copy copy music.

In your entire career as a musician, aside you being signed under morelife entertainment that you were able to record a master track, can you boast of any other master track you produced before and after Morelife entertainment?

We’ve seen artists who made hits upon hits in Gonjaland yet they do not parade themselves tobe kings and Royal Prince’s, the likes of Rk wucharey, Abudu Gonja, Abdallah Jakpa, Ras Anas, BMB (of which Daanga was part), Kawute, Sumaya, Prophet Bobby etc.
Let me ask you this questions, Has Daanga’s JuJu song has anything to do with you?

Did he mention your name in the song?
or did he attribute the song to you in anyway?

Why then make it your concern?
It’s good you stay in your lane, since no one crossed you, don’t also cross anyone.

We are all striving for the betterment of our region, bringing up irrelevant beefs won’t take you anywhere, besides if you want Daanga to help you resurrect your dead career, you should pay him for that, and I’m sure he will gladly do that for you as a brother, but approaching him the wrong way will ruin your career the more, mark it.

Daanga and his brand is way bigger than you, take it or leave it.

My piece of advice to you JamalDini.

(@Currency Gh on all social media handles).

Source: nkilgifmonline.com