Some citizens of Wasipe (Daboya) Traditional Area of Gonja have kicked against the mediation effort by a Committee appointed by the Overlord of Gonja Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresah (I) and chaired by Buipewura Abudulai Jinapor (II).

Bole based Nkilgi FM reported last week that the Gonja Traditional Council under the leadership of the King and Overlord of Gonja has set up a Five Member Committee which has already held a first meeting at Buipe on 3rd October, 2019 to find ways of assisting the Wasipe Traditional Council to get a Chief for the Yazori Skin of the Wasipe Traditional Area of Gonja.

But some citizens of Wasipe Traditional Area have said the Gonja Traditional Council is trying to usurp the powers of the Wasipewura who is responsible for choosing a Yazoriwura based on the traditions of Wasipe.

Mr Ahmed Zuberu wrote; “when did they start forming committee to get Yazoriwura for Wasipe? Did Wasipe say they have issues picking who should be our Yazoriwura? Was the late Yazoriwura chosen by a committee? I just hope our Chiefs will not end up fueling issues for us”.

Another popular figure at Wasipe (Daboya) called Mahama Musah Asafo wrote; “When will Buipewura and Gonja traditional council stop this hypocrisy and face the reality. Iissues about Daboya people and Tampulmas came but you were adamant. Mamprusis and Daboya people came but you were adamant. Why are you then interfering on our chieftency matters. Nobody has the authority in Gonjaland to determine who becomes our next Yazoriwura except Wasipewura so we don’t want what has happend in Bole, Damongo, Kafaba etc. Please Buipewura stay away from Daboya matters because Daboya is not part of your authority and will never be forever. We the youth of Wasipe will resist any attempt from anybody trying to choose Yazoriwura for us except the legitimate authority and that is the wasipewura.

Musah Mahatma Asafo added; “I’m only saying what is right, remember that, that committee set is for areas where were have two Chiefs claiming the legimancy of their areas and Daboya is not part of the reasons for forming that committee. Wasipewura is the legitimate person to appoint our next Yazoriwura and there is not time bound as to when to appoint a Yazoriwura. Nobody said Wasipewura is not aware of that committee set-up to get solution to areas with chieftency depute, specifically Damongo, Bole, Kafaba etc. We don’t have any chieftency dispute in Daboya so therefore that committee is of no use to us as people of Wasipe. They should leave wasipewura and his sub-chiefs alone to determine who becomes our next Yazoriwura. When some Tampulmas and Manprusis were up with arms to kill us, where was that committee. We don’t need any Gonja or committee to help solve our traditional area matter. Where was that committee when a son of Yagbonwura called the people of Wasipe as war mongers”.

Another concerned person Mohammed Seidu wrote; “I am not from Wasipe but Buipewura should be told certain things are bigger than him when it comes to some areas. My appeal to him is, he shouldn’t involved himself with the case at all. Yazori and Wasipe are just like mouth and the nose and since 1940’s they have lived together with this issue any time it comes to who is to become chief. And at the end they put the right person there-so Buipewura shouldn’t jam things up. He should give us a break on this issue of Daboya and Yazori”.