I am writing in response to an article written by Mr. Issifu Seidu Kudus explaining why he is of the view that he won’t support the cry of a section of people of Savannah Region who have reservations on the decentralization strategy adopted by the president in the newly created region in which Savannah Region isn’t left out. First I would like to state that the article is not worthy of any serious analysis, and for that matter, response.

If I had just read the piece on social media, it wouldn’t have worried me to the extent of me writing a rejoinder. However Nkilgi FM has become one of the important Media Stations as far as news about Savannah Region is concern.


As an infant region, believe it or not there are several decisions that when taken, wouldn’t go down well with the masses until when they are calmed and get educated on decisions taken. If we are going to expose our partisan stand which Mr. Kudus’article is bent on doing, we will fail to be factually correct; we may not only be miseducating ourselves, but also misleading the masses.

In the said article, Mr. Kudus sought to paint the picture that it’s only NPP loyalists who have problem with the decentralization directive and also the NPP loyalists are calling on him to fight it on their behalf. Some sections of the people of Savannah Region have reservations about the decentralization system that is currently being implemented by the RCC. To go straight to the facts, it is obvious that a section of the public has expressed opinions and counter opinions on the current decentralization decision that has been implemented by the Savannah Region RCC, but it is factually inaccurate to claim that is the NPP youth in Damongo that are protesting.

Mr. Kudus in his second paragraph categorically stated that the NPP leadership in Savannah Region have gone into the boardroom to take their decision to decentralized regional departments to various districts instead of concentrating all of them in the regional capital – Damongo. It will be misleading and mischievous to state that the NPP leadership in the region took that decision when actually we all have access to this information before the creation of the Savannah Region. The President of Republic H. E Akufo Addo and Hon Dan Botwe, the Minister for Regional Reorganization and Development have on several occasions including at the forecourt of the Overlord of Gonjaland categorically stated without hesitation that the government will ensure decentralization of government installation in the newly created regions. On 12th February, 2019 when the president of the republic presented the CI116 to give effect to the creation of Savannah Region, the Minister for Regional Reorganization said “there will be a paradigm shift in development in the newly created regions particularly the North East and Savannah regions” he also added “the Regional Coordinating Council has now been given enough power to take charge of development in the regions”.

So if a minister who spearheaded the creation of the new regions, before, during and after the creation of the regions said this, based on what grounds will Mr. Kudus deliberately lie that the leadership of the NPP took the decision to decentralize the various regional administrations of some directorate.

On this score, it is clear that Mr. Kudus was wearing an NDC tainted shades and probably was doing the bid of his party.

Again another false claim by Mr. Kudus is that the NPP, behind the scenes are calling for him to come and join in the protest against such a decision. I accord Mr. Kudus much respect and I wouldn’t like to always point to him that its untrue to say that the they are calling you to come and join in the protest. All reservation aired by people are aired from their individual perspective and as I write this, the only group of people that are vehemently protesting this decision of the RCC is the Damongo Youth Parliament which isn’t an NPP affiliated group so I cannot come to terms as to how Mr., Kudus will allege that members of the NPP are calling on him to join the protest. DYP is not an NPP affiliated group so if they are protesting and demanding your help that should be in any way connected to the NPP.

On the missing pickup, it obvious that every living human being affiliated to Savannah Region was and is still worried about the missing pickup. Again Mr., Kudus alleged that he was branded a thief. What a diabolic agenda to run away from what you have always claimed to be ‘community advocate’.

The NPP never branded you a thief if my memories serve me right. The regional communication director in a press conference said you were alleging that the pickup isn’t missing and that you knew more about the pickup therefore the police should kindly invite you and your boss to help them in investigation because we were all worried about the missing pickup. No where did the party labelled you a thief.

I am by this telling Mr. Kudus that the NPP in Damongo isn’t venting any anger on the party leadership in Damongo. They should concentrate on how they will bring on board Hon Yakubu Yussif on board to help them run their campaign and stop poking his nose into the affairs of the NPP.

Monday 9th September, 2019

By Habib Mandeya