The appointment of Hon Benito Owusu- Bio as Advisor to the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources on Special Projects has sent many tongues wagging.

An appointment letter dated 15th February, 2024 signed by Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor and addressed to Hon Benito Owusu- Bio said; “I am pleased to inform you that you have been appointed an Advisor to the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources on Special Projects, effective Monday,19th February, 2024. As you are aware, the Ministry of Lands and Natual Resources has, since 2021, embarked on a number of special projects aimed at efficient protection, utilisation and management of the lands and natural resources of our country, as well as secure the well-being of our people”.

The appointment letter added; “These among others, indude the National Alternative Employment and Livelihood Programme (NAELP), the Ghana Landscape Restoration and Smail Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP), the Green Ghana Project, the Green Street Project, the Reconstruction of the Appiatse community, the Digitalisation of the Lands Commission and the Kumasi Sector 18 Redevelopment of which the Ministry deems you to have indispensable institutional memory and competences”.

It further said; “Considering your long service in the public sector, particularty in the area of lands and natural resources;and having regard to your expertise in the management of projects, I am confident that you will provide invaluable assistance to the Ministry in the discharge of its mandate” adding; “Given that you are a Member of Parliament you will not be entitied to additional remuneration for this role”.

The appointment letter signed by the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources has not gone down with many people who took to Facebook to express their views.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Tamale Central Constituency Hon Alhassan Suhiyini wrote; “We joke too much in this country!
Article 79(1) The President may, in consultation with a Minister of State, and with the prior approval of Parliament, appoint one or more Deputy Ministers to Assist the Minister in the performance of his functions. Useless, Pointless”.

Peter Tawiah also added his voice by stating; “The President has sacked incompetent Honourable Benito Owusu -Bio from the Lands and Natural Resources Ministry and you inexperienced Samuel Abu Jinapo appoints him to take over a job that can be added to George Mireku Duker, who is a Deputy Minister in the same Ministry. Truly the President is a ‘lame duck or limpimg jockey’ respect for him any longer by his own Ministers”.

One Nana Akwasi Agyemang said; “What about the various technocrats at the ministry coupled with various board members and chairmen of the numerous agencies under ministry of lands and natural resources?

Willington Asirifi Asuah on his part said; “If he is deemed so indispensable, why didn’t they just maintain him at the Ministry as a Deputy Minister? I don’t get this”.

Tanko Osman said; “Just look at this? The strange things we see under this regime is no more shocking”.