Fire in the early hours of Tuesday 6th February 2024 engulfed the Damongo town Daily market, raising down some stores and tables.

The cause of the fire is not known but some market traders are alluding the fire outbreak to the refuse dump behind the affected stores.

It took the intervention of the Damongo fire command to immediately put the fire under control with some market wares completely burnt into ashes.

A Fire seevice officer who spoke to the traders at the scene after their work disclosed to the market women that Fires can cause devastating consequences, and it is important to understand their causes to prevent them from occurring.

Accordimg to him some causes of fires are unavoidable, such as natural disasters, others can be prevented with proper education and precautions.

He said some major common causes of market fires include cooking equipment, electrical malfunctions, smoking materials and heating equipment and that these causes can be prevented by specific actions such as ensuring proper ventilation, installing smoke detectors, and correctly using the equipment.