An outspoken Gonjalander and the Organiser of the Greater Accra branch of the Gonjaland Youth Association Organiser (GLYA), Manful-wura Issahaku has petition
the Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Yagbonwura
Bii-Kunuto Jewu Soale (I) who is also the President of the Savanah Regional House of Chiefs to urgently address the unethical practices in which Chieftaincy titles are conferred to undeserving individuals in his Kingdom.

Manful-wura Issahaku in a petitioned dated 26th January, 2024 expressed his deep concern over the alarming trend of chieftaincy titles being auctioned for the highest bidder across the Gonja Kingdom.

He said these practices where tradition and merit take a back seat to financial considerations poses a significant threat to the integrity of the Gonja Kingdom’s cherished chiefdom.

Manful-wura Issahaku said, the historical road map of succession in the Gonja Kingdom, once admired by neighbouring regions, is now marred by the unethical behavior of some king makers.

He added that; “The legacy of Ndewura Jakpa, who entrusted his seven (7) children as caretakers without seeking personal gain, is being undermined by the current generation. It is disheartening to witness the descendants of those noble caretakers auctioning titles for personal enrichment, disregarding the principles of merit and tradition.”

The Organiser of the Greater Accra branch of the Gonjaland Youth Association further said; “the gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. The sacred process of selecting chiefs, once based on qualities of character, leadership, and dedication to tradition, is now overshadowed by monetary considerations. It is with great concern that I bring to your attention the recent incident where even your esteemed self, as the President of the Savanah Regional House of Chiefs and Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom, faced demands for a substantial sum before being conferred the title of Yagbonwura.”

Manful-wura Issahaku advised that, this alarming trend raises the specter of individuals, lacking in the values and understanding of the rich cultural heritage, assuming leadership roles within Gonjaland and If this issue is not addressed promptly, it poses the risk of witnessing individuals without genuine connections to the traditions of ascending to the esteemed position of Yagbonwura.

He therefore implored the Yagbonwura to take decisive action against these unethical practices, and that it is essential to convene a meeting with the paramount chiefs and traditional rulers to remind them of their sacred duty to uphold the values and traditions that have sustained the kingdom for centuries.

Manful-wura Issahaku called for a collectively work towards restoring the honour and integrity of the chieftaincy titles, ensuring that merit and tradition, not financial prowess, remain the guiding principles in the selection of Gonja Kingdom leaders.