Some members of the Gonja Tanker Drivers Association of Savannah Region ae appealing to the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole, the Bole Divisional Police Commander and the leadership of the Youth of Bole to intervene as the Police at the Doli barrier near Bole are allegedly extorting money from them illegally.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi fm, some of the Drivers said anytime they are crossing to Bole or Sawla the police at the Doli barrier allegedly extort money from them for reasons they don’t understand.

One of the Drivers said the diversion of the Doli bridge is completed their vehicles are managing to cross whiles waiting for the construction of the main bridge.

The Driver said added that what angers them as Gonja Tanker Drivers is that the Bole Police think that they are ignorant and so can decide to handle them anyhow

Another Driver said that anytime the get to the Doli barrier, the police get more angry when anytime they get to kno they Gonjas.

He said at a point one of the police said; “anytime the stop them to interrogate them, they go and give their report to Nkilgi fm and the DCE who begin bashing them”

The third Driver said the way the police at the Doli barrier worry drivers, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the DCE must intervene and that some of the police are abusing their service.

He added that some of the police even behave as if they don’t pay them and sometimes even exchange words with drivers because of money.

The Driver further said they are even destroying the respect people have for the Police job and people in the uniform.