The Savannah Regional Director of the Social Welfare Department, Mr Ambrose Owusu Amoanteng has said that the Woman claiming an abandoned baby boy at Bole in the Savannah Region will be thoroughly investigated.

Speaking to Bole based Nkilgi Fm, he said; “in the case at Bole where a woman has come forward to claim the baby, the police and social welfare has to investigate whether the child is for the woman”.

Mr Ambrose Owusu Amoanteng added;
“so we are going to make enquiries and investigation to find out whether she is the mother of the child, when it turns out that the lady is the mother, she will be cautioned because you don’t give birth and throw that child away it’s a criminal offence”

He added, the lady will also be allowed to sign a bond of good
behaviour not to ever do that and this will be supervised by the department of
social welfare.

Mr Owusu- Amoanteng as well hinted that even though the Social Welfare Department see the young lady as a first time offender due to certain hardships and factors, she could still be arraigned to court after investigations.

He added; “and if truly the investigation conducted by the police shows that she is the biological mother of the child at the end of the day, the court can decide that the lady goes to prison for the offence whiles the child will be giving to the ladys family be it the ladys mother, sister, aunty etc”

Mr Owusu Amoanteng advised that, it is a criminal offence to give birth and throw the baby away and that if caught the person involved will be arraigned to court to face the law.

He also said on the part of the Social Welfare department in Savannah region;
“we have been doing community engagement to educate and sensitize communities about these social vices and their implications, so they should desist from such inhumane practices”.

It would be recalled that Bole based Nkilgi Fm reported a story were a newly born baby boy was found in the bush on the night Friday 28th October, 2023 by a young man who heard the cry of the baby in the bush. He alerted the Assembly man for the area who made a report to the police after which the police and a Reporter of Nkilgi fm rushed to the scene to send the baby to the Bole District Hospital for medical attention. The baby boy was cured of malaria and is now healthy and fit.

In a new twist,
a young lady who hails from Sakpa in the Bole District called Joyce Kwabena and his father called Jinoor Kwabena on 6th November, 2023 reported to the Bole Police that she Joyce Kwabena is the mother of the abandoned baby.

The supposed mother who shown up at the Bole District Police Station to confess and claim the abandoned baby was detained and being investigated by the Police in Bole and the Savannah region Department of Social Welfare.