The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman for the Savannah region Alhaji Iddrisu Sulemana aka Proff Kalamonia has in a facebook called anti-corruption agencies, especially the Office of the Special Prosecutor, “to probe the opulence and vote-buying which were on display in the just-ended presidential and parliamentary primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) held in the Savannah Region”.

He said the level of ostentation showcased during the NDC at their just ended presidential and parliamentary primaries held on Saturday, 13th May, 2023 has never happened in the body politics since the creation of the Savannah Region.

Proffersor Kalamonia stated that; “The unprecedented opulence on display at the NDC’s presidential and parliamentary elections in savannah region.
The New Patriotic Party in the Savannah Region has observed with utter shock, the opulence and vote-buying displayed at the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s presidential and Parliamentary primaries across the Region on Saturday, May 13, 2023″.

He added; “Amidst the burgeoning propaganda and claims of economic hardships in the country by the message-less and uninspiring NDC, the party exposed its hypocrisy by splashing cash and sorts of goodies on aà in an attempt to win their votes”.

The Savannah Region NPP Chairman also said it is therefore imperative for the good people of the Region to inquire from the NDC where the aspirants got the money and the goodies they flaunted all over the place to entice their gullible delegates if indeed they have been saying there is economic hardships in the country as they have fruitlessly failed to hoodwink them into believing.

Professor Kalamonia further said; “the situation in Damongo, Bole-Bamboi, and Salaga South was so pervasive that delegates were seen madly rushing for cash and other goodies during the party’s primaries”.

He added that; “Even more condemnable were reports of how the supposed flagbearer elect of their party dished out forty-ghana cedis to each delegate across the country.

Chairman Kalamonia said with the exception of the Yapei-Kusawgu constituency where the incumbent MP went unapposed, the remaining constituencies where the primaries were held were riddled with excessive vote-buying.

He stated; “This is unhealthy for our Democracy and as a political party that believes in the tenets of Democracy, it is a great worry for us.
This canker, if not nibbed in the bud, can instigate monecracy into our body politics, regrettably paving the way for criminals with tainted money to rise to the helms of political office”.

The Savannah Region NPP Chairman also stated that; “The level of opulence shown at the primaries was terrifyingly shocking and invariably posing danger because it has the tendency to jeopardize Ghana’s Democracy by way of producing dishonest politicians”.

He said; “The New Patriotic Party in the Savannah Region, under my leadership as the Regional Chairman, wishes to categorically condemn this hypocrisy by NDC and urge the good people the Savannah Region to be careful of them.