The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency in the Savannah Region and Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor has in a survey been ranked as the 2nd Best MP in Ghana, closely following the MP for the Effutu constituency in the Central Region Afenyo Markin who has been ranked the best performing MP for the year 2022.

Bole based Nkilgi Fm sighted a document on the study conducted to assess the performance of the 275 MP’s of Ghana’s eighth Parliament who assumed the reigns of power on 7th January, 2021.

All respondents sampled for assessment of each MP were voters in the constituency represented by the MP in question.

The study evaluated some benchmarks in adjucating the performance of the MP’s and this included frequency of visits to Constituency, Nature of visits to Constituency, projects executed by the MP’s and location of the projects.

Other benchmarks used in adjucating the performance of the MP’s were Constituents expectations of the MP, parliamentary activities liked by the MP’s, MP’s activities disliked by Constituents and Constituents ability to communicate with their MP.

Respondents from each Constituency were asked to assess and rank the performance of their respective MP’s per the above stated criteria from a scale of 1% to 100%. They were also asked to nominally rate their respective MP’s from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Very Bad’.

On this issue Nkilgi Fm spoke to the NPP communication Director for the Damongo Constituency Mr Iddrisu Lamin and he said the results of the survey has indeed vindicated him of his earlier rating of the Damongo Constituency MP of 95% performance.

He said it is a plus today to the good people of not only the Damongo Constituency but the entire Savannah Region that one of their own has been adjudged as the best MP in the whole of Ghana.

Iddrisu Lamin said the Damongo MP is next to MP for the Efutu Constituency Hon Alexander Afenyo Markin who is 10 years in Parliament as against Hon Samuel Abu Jinapor’s second year in Parliament which should ring a bell to every every Ghanaian that indeed the young Damongo Constituency MP is indeed working. He added that everybody should support the MP in prayer since he will still do more for the Damongo Constituency and the Savannah Region as a whole including ending the perennial Damongo water shortage by providing portable drinking water.

But the ranking of the Damongo MP as the second best in Ghana did not go down well with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) communication officer for the Damongo Constituency Mr Mumuni Yahaya Kiyoyo who described the outcome of the conducted survey as fake without source.

He said every conducted survey must have a credible source which this one has woefully failed to mention adding that the survey was conducted in someone’s kitchen.

Kiyoyo said part of the survey indicated accessibility which he challenged the NPP communication director to go live on radio with him and call his MP and see whether he will pick the call.

The NDC Communication Officer said it is difficult for even members of the NPP to get access to the MP talk less of the constituents.

He said again that former Daboya Mankarigu constituency MP Hon Mahama Shaibu Obey was adjudged the 3rd best MP in Ghana by a survey conducted but he lost woefully afterwards lost to Alhaji Asei Seini of the NPP in the 2020 election.

The NDC Communication Officer again said that a similar survey conducted saw former Damongo Constituency MP Adam Mutawakilu getting 65% but lost to current MP for Damongo.

He added that if it is Kenkey and rice sharing that was used in coming out with the outcome then he will fully admit the results since that is what the Damongo MP is known for.

He said the Bole and and Sawla MP’s are pushing and bringing development to their constituents yet never came first describing Hon Abu Jinapor as a failed MP who is doing nothing in his first term in office and so will go with President Nana Akufo Addo after 2024.