The 2020 Second Runner-up of the Miss Muslimah Ghana, Miss Latifa Adams from Bole in the Savannah region has sensitized her colleague women on modest dressing to curb some peculiar negative happenings to Muslim Women.

In 2020 Miss Latifa from Bole participated in the Miss Muslimah and initiativ designed for all sections of Muslim women across Ghana to exhibit diverse cultures while projecting the essence of the hijab, as a symbol of modesty and privacy.
Miss Muslimah also seeks to groom Muslim ladies to be the voice of the vulnerable and to share as well as resolve issues of concern in Muslim and Zongo communities.

Miss Latifa Adams was invited to Bole based Nkilgi on the back of a tragedy in which a young married woman from Bole known as Fuseina met her untimely demise when she and husband were returning from home from the farm on 19th November, 2022.

The late Fuseini and her husband called Abubakari were both on the motorbike and returning home after the days work at the farm and upon reaching the Forestry Department’s office in Bole, the full Muslim veil used to cover Fuseina’s head down to her body got trapped in the back tyre spokes of the motorbike pulling her down resulting in her untimely death. Apparently the veil twisted her neck and she fell down unconscious and later died.
Many have began calling on Muslim women to try as much as possible to raise their veils to their knee level when riding on motorbikes.

Speaking on Bole base Nkilgi FM’s mid-morning show to Musah Abdul-Fatawu on 22nd November, 2022, Miss Latifa said every Muslim must dress to meet prayer demand everywhere but has to be cautious of how she handles such dress while on a moving motorbike.

She said Muslim women covering the body with dresses has a lot of importance in society as one gains respect through that, get a responsible husband to marry and protects her integrity.

She said veils differ in size and should be properly noticed by users to determine where and when to use them.

Miss Latifa said;
“The big and long ones can be used in the house and the small and short ones can be used when you are traveling”.

The 2020 miss Muslimah Ghana 2nd runner-up also spoke on the issue where in recent times many Muslim young ladies put on the long veil ‘abaya’ without wearing pants or an inner dress and when an unforeseen accident occurs it puts them in an embarrassing situation.

She disclosed that some also wear light and perforated dresses exposing their body parts to attract men forgetting the men needs responsible and good cultured wives to inculcate the good attitudes in their children.

Miss Latifa entreated Mallams, Pastors, stakeholders and parents to talk to their girl children on wrong dressing.