By Mr Awusi Zakaria

As a son and daughter of Savannah, as you wake-up from bed, with intentions to come and attack your fellow Savanian because he belongs to another political party, ask yourself, how many professionals are in the Industry and from Savannah?

Ask yourself whether you are competent enough to replace the one you want sacked and whether you are sure, they will put you in there?

Ask yourself whether you are from Savannah and that you will be seen different from John Mahama, Abu Jinapor, John Jinapor, Dr. Sakara?

Ask yourself if you are a worker at UDS Northern Region and from Savannah, you are assured of your role and will not be discrimated against?

Ask yourself as you champion the agenda of the alternative is empty, who is that alternative?

Ask yourself, when they get into caucus discussions are you included by virtue of you coming from Savannah?

Ask yourself whether the discourse cast a slur on your fellow Savanian and are you happy about it?

Ask yourself what benefits am going to get by leading the destruction of my fellow Savanian?

Ask yourself what is in there to fulfill the Savannah Agenda?
Dear Brothers and sisters, whiles it is dangerous to get tribalistic, but societies are getting more circular and promoting their individualistic agenda. Savannah is the most diverse region with so many languages whiles we are thesame.

Let’s consciously draft our developmental language, promote ourselves, encourage ourselves, use our natural resources we are endowed with to support our people for growth. In the whole of the Northern Sector, Savannah is the most blessed Region with a lot of natural resources, I doubt if our human capital is growing and what are we doing about it?

Family, let’s becareful, whatever mad you throw against your brother, you will meet at the funeral or wedding or outdooring where you will feel embarrassed.

I am a messenger who believed in the strategic growth agenda of the Savannah Region.



10th November, 2022.