The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency and former
Deputy Minister of Energy in the erstwhile Mahama administration, Hon. John Abdulai Jinapor has said when he was appointed the Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum, the Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency had only 4 towns connected to the national grid (i.e. Buipe, Yapei, Sankpala and Kusawgu) and “by dint of hardwork, the constituency currently has about 100 communities connected to the national grid as part of an aggressive national electrification programme under the NDC Government”.

In a write-up on 26th August, 2022, the MP explained that during the recent visit of President Akuffo-Addo to the Savannah Region, the Chiefs of the Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency sought to enquire from the President when he will fulfil his campaign promises of creating a new district out of the Central Gonja District and the establishment of a new Senior High school in the Kusawgu area.

According to Hon, John Abdulai Jinapor, in response, President Akuffo-Addo rather chose to throw wild and flippant allegations against him, Hon John Jinapor, for what he described as his inability to connect some 17 communities to the national electricity grid.

He said, as if that was not enough, President Nana Akufo-Addo proceeded to accuse him of not helping to establish the Senior High school that he, President Akuffo-Addo promised

Hon John Abdulai Jinapor said, the critical question President Nana Akufo-Addo should answer is what he has done so far to complement the 17 towns yet to be connected to the national grid he inherited from the previous NDC administration.

He added that, most importantly, at national level, the NDC Government expanded access to electricity from 50% to 83.24%. which can be confirmed in Paragraph 463 of the 2017 budget as presented by Mr. Ken Ofori-Attah, the Finance Minister: he said “ Under rural electrification, 1,212 communities were connected to the national grid increasing the national electricity access rate from 80.5 percent to 83.24 percent”.

He bemoaned the rhetorics of President Akuffo-Addo since assuming office and despite receiving over 20 billion Cedis in ESLA Revenues, has only increased the access rate by a paltry 3%—thus from 83.24% to 86.63% as captured under Paragraph 810 of the 2022 budget: he indicated; “In pursuit of H.E. The President’s aspiration to achieve universal coverage of electricity by 2024, a total of 162 communities were connected to the national grid thereby increasing the national electricity access rate from 85.17 percent in 2020 to 86.63 percent in 2021″.

On the education front, Hon. John Abdulai Jinapor said, President Mahama can be credited for 3 senior high schools (Buipe Senior High, Buipe Technical and Mpaha Senior High) in the Yapei-Kusawgu Constituency.

According to Hon. John Abdulai Jinapor, it is an undeniable fact that the NDC government under the leadership of President Mahama, the Yapei-Kusawgu witnesses the commencement and commissioning of the Buipe Cement Factory and the Sheanut Processing factory not to mention the ultramodern Buipe District Hospital but unfortunately under President Akuffo-Addo, the Sheanut factory has been grossly mismanaged and run-down for sometime now. No wonder President Nana Akufo-Addo conveniently refused to visit Buipe, the district capital of the Central Gonja District.

Hon John Abdulai Jinapor said, for a President who failed to provide portable drinking water for his own people as Minister and MP, untill President Mahama provided portable water for the people of Kyebi, the least President Akuffo-Addo can do is to acknowledge the good works of his predecessor.

He entreated President Akuffo-Addo to crosscheck his facts in future before seeking to deceive the citizenry with concocted, unsubstantiated and fabricated allegations.

Hon. John Abu Jinapor said, Ghanaians are indeed suffering under the abysmal performance of the Nana/Bawumia government and the least they can expect from this non-performing government is to be truthful and honest with the facts.