Today 12th August, 2022 is World Elephant Day and the Mole National Park whose boundaries are mostly located in the West Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region is calling for the celebration of these iconic species and as well called on all to protect their habitats.

In a a post on their official Facebook page, the Mole National Park said throughout the world, August 12 is celebrated as world elephant day and that the elephant which is an iconic and majestic animal is worth celebrating.

The Mole National Park added; “Depending on what they are doing at the time, elephants can be thought of as either manure producers or eating machines and can eat for as long as 16 hours each day.

According to the Mole National Park; “Although 250 to 300 pounds is more common, one elephant in the wild has been known to eat as much as 600 pounds of food in a single day.

“Elephants only digest their food at a rate of less than 50%. Lots of excrement results from the enormous amount eaten and also its ineffective digestive system. A daily amount of 220 to 250 pounds is excreted by an elephant between 12 and 15 times per day. Can you imagine that?!

This equates to an adult elephant producing more than 40 tons, or over 85,000 pounds, of manure annually”.

The Mole National Park said officials said their hearts and minds are captured by the gentle creatures known as elephants and that on the planet today, there are two types of elephants. Elephants from Asia and Africa, however, some genetic analyses imply that there are two distinct kinds of African elephants; savannah elephants and forest elephants and all elephants face danger.

The Mole National Park disclosed that Elephants have legendary memories, and for good reason. Elephants are the land mammals with the greatest brains and even after many years have passed, they are still able to recall far-off watering sites, other elephants, and people they have come into contact with.