The Eminent Chiefs Committee of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs has been petitioned by the Kasepewura Ewuntomah Lineage of the Dangepe Chieftaincy gate of Damongo

The petition seeks to justify to the reason why the two individuals the Kasepewura Ewuntomah Lineage described as Abuasewura Kelly (disputed Damongowura Kelly Seidu Boresa I) and Budonwura Imoru Yakubu (disputed Damongowura Yakubu Imoro Gbeadese) should not be given the Damongowura Chieftaincy title.

The Kasepewura Ewuntomah lineage said it is their turn to ascend the Damongo skin which they sacrificed for the betterment of the Dangepe gate of Damongo many years ago.

Read the full petition below:

“Kasepewura Ewuntomah Lineage, Dangepe

C/o Abu Bakari
PO Box DM19
Savannah Region
22nd June, 2022.

The President
Savannah Regional House of Chiefs
Gonja Traditional Council


We wish to bring to the notice of your Royal Highness and revered members of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs the following:

  1. Abuasewura Kelly, even though from the Dangepe Gate, is the direct son of Damongowura Seidu and so disqualifies him for now. and Budonwura Moru Yakubu is the direct brother of Damongowura Issah (bear the same father and mother with Budonwura Moru Yakubu) hence his disqualification for now.
  2. Kasepewura Ewuntomah, who happens to be the direct Elder brother of Damongowura Seidu was the most eligible to become the Damongowura at the time but felt he was too weak due to old age to ascend the skin but chose to bring in his junior brother, Seidu to be enskinned.

Kasepewura Ewuntomah had grown up children, much older than Seidu but said Seidu was a junior father to his sons and so was the turn of fathers to rule, hence the choice of Seidu.

  1. In fact in less than three months after the enskinment of Seidu as Damongowura, Kasepewura Ewuntomah died. Interestingly and surprisingly, till date none of the members of Kasepewura Ewuntomah’s lineage of the Dangepe Gate ever became a Damongowura. This is the clear history! Let’s be very careful in the choice of legitimate persons in the chieftaincy institution. It’s not just to say this is the most qualified, or most senior and make pronouncements but do the needful research to select Chiefs. K’gbanya is unique and very orderly when it comes to the chieftaincy institution.

Based on the above we the undersigned members of the Kasepewura Ewuntomah Lineage of the Dange gate find it expedient to petition your high office to consider our pleasure and declare our gate as the legitimate and most qualified to ascend the throne of Damongowura to avoid future ambiguities.

Your Humble Subjects:

  1. Ewuntomah Afriyie
  2. Seidu Mahama
  3. Alima Goma
  4. Dramani Yussif Joseph”.

Meanwhile, the Overlord of Gonja and President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs Yagbonwura Boresa (l) has tasked the judicial committee of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs to resolve the Damongo Chieftaincy affair within 12 weeks from 23rd June, 2022.

This was contained in the Yagbonwura’s speech read by the Vice-President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor (ll) at the session of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs General House meeting held at the Bole at the Wuripe&Sons Royal Lodge.

This was disclosed by the Vice President of the Savannah Regional House of Chiefs Buipewura Jinapor ll in a speed read on behalf of the Overlord on Wednesday 23rd june 2022.

The Yagbonwura’s speech stated;
“I want to extend my passionate appreciation to you all for your endurance in making sure the customs and tradition of the region keep growing steadily”.

Yagbonwura added; “The Eminent Chiefs Committee led by Buipewura Jinapor ll I further encourage you to seal the few Chieftaincy disputes in the Savannah region. I passionately appreciate your efforts in resolving Bole Chieftaincy, Yazori Chieftaincy and many more”.

Yagbonwura further said; “Ladies and gentlemen, the focus of the Regional house is the Damongo Chieftaincy affair. Am glad to announce and as part of the legal requirement of the House, a counsel has appointed to assist the judicial committee of the house. I therefore urge the committee to take off with the Damongo Chieftaincy affair within 12 weeks from now”.