An NDC Activist from the Eastern Region Anthony Obeng Afrane has commended former President John Dramani Mahama for his passion for infrastructure development in this country especially in the road sector.

In a write up Anthony Obeng Afrane stated that” “former President John Dramani Mahama left indelible prints in the sands of time; he was on the threshold of breaking Nkrumah’s record on infrastructure development in Ghana when he left office”.

On the Sawla- Fufulso road he said; “I would like to take the opportunity to throw some light on the Fufulso-Sawla road, which was commissioned by him (John Mahama) years ago when he was president of the Republic.

“The 145 kilometres road which was in a very deplorable state for many, many years was funded by the African Development Bank at a cost of 157 million dollars, and has brought a lot of relief to travelers along the western corridor of the Northern Region which includes communities such as Laribanga, Fufulso, Sawla, Damongo and others”.

According to Obeng Afrane the road also serves commuters to West Gonja, and links the Northern Region to the Upper West Region which is another huge assuagement to the people living in those regions.

He said prior to its completion, the Fufulso-Sawla road was notorious for armed robbery operations because vehicles have to slow down on most parts of the road.

“Hitherto, travelers frustratingly spent about four hours from the Fulfulso Junction to Damongo, but now the same distance is covered in less than an hour without any armed robbery attacks.

“Additionally, the road is very strategic and leads tourists to important historic sites like the Mole Game Reserve, the Mystic Stone and the Ancient Mosque at Laribanga”; Mr Afrane explained.