The Chief of Tuna in the Bole Traditional Area Tunawura Alhaji Dramani Mumuni has been nominated as the Mandariwura of the Area today 28th March, 2022 at the Palace of the Paramount Chief of the Bole Traditional Area of Gonja.

He succeeds late Mandariwura Seidu Awusi Kisimonfo Bonyanso who passed on at South Africa after a short illness on Thursday, 24th February, 2022.

At the meeting the Kiapewura who is the protocol Head of the Jagape gate of Bole was invited to inform the Palace about the choice of the gate. The Kiapewura in a short speech mentioned that they settled on the Tunawura after a series of meetings.

Bolewura asked him three times if it is the Tunawura that was chosen and the Kiapewura responded in the affirmative.

Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) accepted the Tunawura and pronounced him as the new Mandariwura of the Bole Traditional Area.

Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I) entreated the new Mandariwura to work to end any issues of sub- gates within the gate where he comes from in order to unite the gate. He said the Mandariwura is from Jagape and so the issue of Kotobiri, Jobodi within the gate should end.

The Bolewura also entreated other gates like Sarfope to end their recent affiliation to sub gates like Gbondape, Aseipe, Chinkankupe and others.

The new Mandariwura in a short speech thanked God and members of his gate and mist importantly the Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I).

The Mandari skin of Bole Traditional Area is the most prominent skin after the Bole skin.

Until his elevation as the second most important Traditional Chief of the Area, Chief Dramani Mumuni was the Chief of Tuna. He was enskined as Tunawura on 17th February, 2019.

The relatively young Tunawura Dramani will have his overnight Damba Dance on 29th March, 2022 and move to his new town of Mandari on Wednesday 29th March, 2022.

The new Mandariwura bears the same name (Dramani) as former President. They were both named after their grandfather (Dramani).