The National Chairman of the Ghana Coffee Sheanut Farmers Association (National Chief Farmer) Alhaji Alhassan Bukari has appealed to Government to put measures in place to ensure adequate supply of fertiliser this year.

He said governments of Ghana have played a huge role in the success story of the Cocoa Industry by supplying Cocoa farmers with fertilizers which over the years has brought a lot of dollars to governments coffers.

The National Chief Farmer said Cocoa has brought a lot of foreign exchange to Ghana, which has made it possible for Government to make available good roads, Schools, Hospitals and so on.

He made it known that this year’s harvest of Cocoa has been poor because government wasn’t able to supply enough fertilizers to Farmers and therefore is appealing to government to put measures in place to ensure adequate supply of fertiliser this year.

Alhaji Alhassan Bukari popularly known as Alhaji Agarta made these comments when he granted Bole based Nkilgi Fm an exclusive interview to update Farmers on recent activities the Association has taken in respect to the cultivation, harvesting and sale of their Cocoa and Shea nut production.

Alhaji Alhassan said at the end of the year meeting of the Ghana Cocoa Sheanut Farmers Association he invited from all the sixteen regions the regional Chief farmers to come together for deliberations towards strategies they will embark on this New year 2022.

He disclosed he had already written to the Cocoa Processing company and OLAM to help the Association and the regional farmers to celebrate Christmas and they were previlege to get support from OLAM and other Stakeholders.

Alhaji Alhassan said together with the sixteen regional farmers they successfully embarked on an visit to Ghana’s premier Cocoa Processing factory to learn and get first hand information on how Cocoa is processed into Golden Tree products like Chocolate, Royale and others.

Alhaji Alhassan also advised land owners to desist from giving their farmlands to Galamsey operators because it is illegal and against the law.
He said, any land owner caught in such act will be dealt with according to the laws and custom’s of Ghana.

On the Cultivation of Shea Tree for Shea Nuts he indicated that for the good work his Association is putting in, Government is now willing to partner Shea farmers to cultivate Shea in commercial quantities hence has made available a Shea division at Bole Cocoa research where improved high-yielding Shea seedlings will be made available to any interested Farmer who wants to go into cultivation of Shea.

The National Chief Farmer urged all interested Shea farmers to register their names at the Bole Cocobod Cocoa research Shea division for easy access to the seedlings when they are ready.

He made mention of the immense benefits of being a Shea farmer because of its financial benefits and economic benefits.

Source: Jason Jajah