The King and Overlord of the Gonja Yagbonwura Tutumba Boresa (I) in has entreated all in the Savannah Region to embrace the Population and Housing and Population Census that will be carried out soon across Ghana.

The Overlord of Gonja made these comments when the Gonja Traditional Council held it’s first extra ordinary meeting for the year 2021 in Damongo on 1st June 2021.

The Yagbonwura in his speech read by the Registrar of the Gonja Traditional Council Mr Abutu Kapori urged all to come out and support the process and fully participate get involved and as well provide the information needed since the exercise is very important in forming the basis for the policy development pace of Ghana.

Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) directed all Paramount chiefs in the Gonja Kingdom organise educational durbars to educate their people on the importance of the exercise.

The Yagbonwura also congratulated the Committee of five eminent chiefs under the Chairmanship of Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor (II) mediating in all Chieftaincy issues in the Gonja Kingdom for the successes chalked so far especially in resolving the Bole and Sonyo Chieftaincy issues.

The committee has however been reconstituted with Bolewura, Mankpanwura, Kongwura, Kpembewura and Buipewura still the chairman to lead in its affairs.

The Yagbonwura charged the committee to demonstrate justice without fear or favour and also follow the principles of the traditions of the Gonja kingdom in selecting, nominating and enskinment of persons as chiefs.

He further thanked all the chiefs in the kingdom for their efforts in saving the environment of the newly created Savannah Region from the devastation caused so far through rosewood felling and charcoal burning in commercial quantities and praised the Bolewura led committee for what he the Yagbonwura believes the battle to end the menace has been won already.

The Vice- Chairman of the Gonja Traditional Council Buipewura Jinapor (II) emphasised the ban of charcoal and call for the chiefs to move the motion which was done and and seconded.

Commercial Charcoal trade and logging, tree felling in the Savannah Region has been banned from 30th May, 2021.

Meanwhile, some chieftaincy issues were resolved during the meeting including the Potor one.

It was resolved that the Chachawa gate should enskin someone as Chief of Portor.

On the Sawla Chief Imam issue the matter is referred to Buipe Imam, Yagbon Imam and Bole Imam with consultation from Bolewura Sarfo Kutuge Feso (I)
Update of the Sawla Chief Imam issue.

An objection was raised by Buipe Imam on the Sawla imam issues, saying that they started the resolution but it failed.

Therefore the matter is now referred to the five eminent chiefs committee for resolution and that as it stands now there is no legimate Chief Imam for Sawla.

The controversy over the Damongo Chieftaincy issue would be resolved in the second day of the meeting by the Gonja Traditional Council when they meet on 2nd June, 2021, for the second day of deliberations.