Wipe-Away Foundation, an organisation many have trusted and supported over the years with their resources to treat the sick, educate the needy and take people out of the streets in the Savannah region has introduce a Health policy called SoHat.

Speaking on Bole based Nkilgi Fm on 9th April, 2021, the founder of Wipe- Away Foundation Borejinkpr Habibu Muftawu said SoHat is a health plan introduced by Wipe-Away foundation to bring relief to all individuals, homes and families.

“With SoHat, people no longer have to worry about their hospital bills no matter the condition they suffer from”, Mr Habibu said.

Borejinkpr Habibu Muftawu further disclosed that persons who sign up to SoHat will benefit up ten thousand Ghana cedis (GHc10,000.00) a year on health related bills.

The founder of Wipe- Away Foundation explained that the Services covered by SoHat health plan includes inpatient services, outpatient services, surgeries, drugs, laboratory services, ambulance services, blood needs and many more.

Mr Habibu said to sign up to SoHat, one can register with any of their trained agents in their community, choose a plan and make their contributions regularly to stay active and give them a call when any signed person need them and they will be with the person throughout their treatment.

“Our agents will be in your communities soon and so people should watch out for them and join the SoHat family”; he said.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com