The Savannah Regional House of Chiefs has brought to finality the chieftaincy controversy between the Chiefs and people of Jugboi and Carpenter in the North Mo traditional area of the Savannah Region on 3rd February, 2021.

The chiefs of the two communities, Jugboi Koro and Carpenter Koro for sometime now do not agree as to who controls the resource base of the area and who is senior most with each of them wanting to claim supremacy or seniority over the other in the area leading to the petitioning of the Savannah Regional house of chiefs by the Carpenter Koro for including the Jugboi Koro in the membership of the Savannah Regional House of chiefs.

This led to a serious feud between the two communities on the Bole District leading to the two sides bringing in mercenaries to the area.

In a mediation process to find lasting solution to the problems of the two Chiefs, the Vice- President of the Savannah Regional house of Chiefs and the Paramount Chief of the Buipe traditional area, Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor (II) who chaired the mediation committee and supported by the Kongwura and Busunuwura gave opportunities to both sides to convince the committee what led to the feud between them.

Carpenter koro, Nnaa Solomon Dompeh Antwi (II) in his submission claimed he does not owe allegiance to the Jugboi koro and Jugboi koro as the petitioner in the case does have the power to either confer or approve Carpenter Koro’s power of authority as a chief or otherwise, stating that the power to do so is the sole responsibility of the kingmakers of the Carpenter community.

The Juboi koro in his petition clearly stated that he wants the revocation of Carpenter koro as a member of the Savannah Regional House of chiefs because he claim to have independence from the Juboi stool. The Jugboi Koro presenting his case to the committee produced documents to support his claim.

The Chief of Carpenter in presenting his case admitted to the committee that he swears an oath of allegiance before the chief of Jugboi in ascending to the Carpenter stool.

The panel however held the view after listening to the Carpenter Koro that once he admits swearing an oath before the Jugboi chief, there is an indication that he is under the authority of Jugboi Koro. Also, the panel argued among other concrete evidence that since it is the Jugboi Koro who appointed the first Carpenter Koro as a chief of Carpenter, it indicates Carpenter koro serve under the authority of the Jugboi koro.

Buipewura Abdulai Jinapor therefore urged the two chiefs to consider bringing development to the doorsteps of their people instead of the needless tension that brews in their area on daily basis.

He added that development can only take place when there is peace and urged them to embrace peace first.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the mediation committee, Buipewura Jinapor (II) has cautioned the Carpenter Koro to do away with pride and be submissive to the chief of Jugboi since he is senior most chief over him.

The committee later fined the Carpenter Koro an amount of GHc 1,000 and a ram to be presented to Jugboi chief before the close of the week to apiece the gods and stools of Carpenter for his gross disrespect and misconduct towards his superior Juboi koro.

The Carpenter Koro
Nnaa Solomon Dompeh Antwi (II) in an interview with Bole based Nkilgi FM said he is very much appreciative to the panel for settling the dispute and furher pledged to go by what the committee has put in place.

A medical doctor and philanthropist Dr David Mensah who is a subchief in area also in an interview with Bole based Nkilgi FM praised the committee for finding lasting solution to the problems of the area.

He said the Carpenter Koro will be the most happiest chief since he can tell with all indications that he was disturbed after creating all the problems in the area.