A former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Deputy Communication Officer for the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah Region has said some Constituency Executives of the party who only know how to sit at drinking spots in Damongo to issue drunken letters purporting to have suspended him and several others from the party should be ignored for deciding to chart a wrong path.

Zion Abdul- Rauf received a suspension letter
from the NDC Constituency Chairman for the Damongo Constituency Mr Suleman Braimah dated 2nd January, 2021 and in response in a letter back to the NDC Constituency Chairman for Damongo and others dated 22nd January, 2021 said; “I have learnt with disdain an attempt by some so-called NDC Constituency executives who do not know the four corners of the Damongo constituency whose intention is to dent my hard won reputation as a member and a former Deputy Communications Officer for the NDC in the Damongo constituency who won a seat for the NDC in 2016”.

Zion Abdul Rauf who is presently the Damongo correspondent for Bole based Nkilgi FM also wrote;
“These so-called constituency executives have taken advantage of the constituency Chairman who can neither read nor write and go to sit at drinking spots in Damongo to issue drunken letters purporting to have suspended me and several others from the party. No wonder the NPP in the Damongo constituency has always referred to the majority of these NDC Damongo Constituency executives as drunks who take decisions from drinking spots”.

He further said;
“These drunken NDC executives in the Damongo constituency ever since assuming office and have always engaged in armchair leadership leading to this shameful defeat and instead of pondering on what might have led to the defeat and taken pragmatic steps to rebuild the party for future elections have decided to chart on the wrong path”.

Zion Abdul Rauf also stated; “I wish to put it on record that I have not and never breeched any law in the constitution of the NDC that warrants an invitation by any idiot to face an incompetent disciplinary committee as being alleged for a fair hearing.

“I also wish to state without any equivocation that I remain a member with good standing and no dog can expel me from the party”.

Meanwhile Alhaji Alhassan Fushieni popularly called Alhaji Rambo who is also a former Damomgo Constituency Youth Organiser who has also been served a letter by the constituency Chairman has promised to beat the hell out of anybody who will bring the letter to his doorsteps. He made the comments after slapping the constituency Deputy Treasurer and another constituency executive when they two tried to hand over a letter to him.

Alhaji Rambo with a wooden stick chased the two into a suburb of Damomgo called Ngbaripe and has promised to beat the hell out of any person who hands over any piece of paper to him and not just a letter.

Alhaji Rambo has also in a faced book live post justified the many reasons why he will campaign against the former NDC Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency Hon Adam Mutawakilu Garlus with his own resources any day any time he comes out to vie for any position and will also fight anybody who try to support the former Damongo MP.

The NDC in the Damongo Constituency have said pursuant to Article 46(8)(a),(b),(c),(d) and (e) of the party’s constitution and following the recommendations of the disciplinary committee, the Constituency Executive Committee expelled and in some cases suspended some members of the party indefinitely for what they said is their “extreme anti-party conduct in breach of the party’s constitution”.

The three expelled are Amadu Sualisu Bistarco; a former Branch Youth Organizer at Langbonto polling station, Fusheini Alhassan; a former Constituency Youth Organizer and Yussif Alhassan; a former branch executive.

The nine suspended are Mumuni Mohammed Sumaila; Yagbon Branch Treasurer, Abubakari Habib; a former Constituency Deputy Secretary, Imoro Abdul Rauf; former Constituency Deputy Communications Officer, Saaka Seidu; Presby Branch Chairman, Yakubu Kipo; one-time Constituency Treasurer Aspirant and Ewuntoma Joe Malik; a branch executive. 

This brings the total number to nine members who are suffering various degrees of sanctions in separate letters sighted by this writer and signed by the constituency chairman, Abdulai Sulemana.

Meanwhile many of the those served the letters are considering legal actions against the NDC in the Damongo Constituency since they believe the letters are intended to tarnish their reputation in the constituency. Some other suspended members said the letters are baseless and will not even comment on them.

Source: nkilgifmonline.com