Former John Dramani Mahama has said that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary candidate is campaigning for ‘Skirt and Blouse’ voting in the Damongo Constituency and entreaties NDC members not to be swayed from voting against their candidate Hon Adam Mutawakilu Garlus.

Speaking to a massive crowd at Damongo at the weekend as part of his campaign tour of the Savannah Region, Mr Mahama on a subtle message to the NPP candidate Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor said; I’ve heard some people are going round saying John Dramani Mahama is your own man and so you can vote for him but as for the Parliamentary elections, you should not vote for the NDC candidate Hon Adam Mutawakilu Garlus because they are the best to bring development to the Damongo constituency”.

Mr Mahama said; “Don’t let anyone deceive you because in Ghana’s democracy Parliament is the strongest institution because if you are a President and you have no majority in Parliament, you will be a weak President..if you want to anything in terms of loans and some financial transactions, Parliament is very important and so if a President do not have majority in parliament he will face problems”.

The former President said if any NDC vote against the parries candidate for the Damongo Constituency it will affect him as President and so “anyone who votes for JM must vote for the Damongo Constituency NDC candidate Garlus”

The NDC flagbearer further said the NPP has done nothing for the Damongo Constituency in four years and that if the ND was on power the water problem of Damomgo would have been resolved. He said Hod has ordained that it is NDC that will work on the Damongo Water project ans that the NPP has failed I’m doing it after some sod cuttings.

The former President said the distribution of money, cloth and maggi cubes cannot be said to be development and that the NDC government concentrated on construction of roads, building of schools, hospitals, extension of electricity and so on and that is what can be termed development.