Deputy Chief of Staff and New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate for the Damongo Constituency Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor has said that he is more closely related and connected to leading members of the National Democratic (NDC) than the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency Hon Adam Mutawakilu Garlus mentioning former President John Dramani Mahama whose mother he said is the grandmother adding that there is no day he will ever say John Dramani Mahama is not his brother even though politics is a different game altogether from family ties.

The Damongo NPP Parliamentary candidate also mentioned his direct brother John Jinapor who is MP for the Yapei- Kusawgu Constituency and his wife’s father Mr Nayon Bilijo who he said served as a Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development under former President John Dramani Mahama’s government.

Speaking on a campaign platform at a suburb of Damongo called Canteen on Wednesday 3rd December, 2010, Mr Jinapor also stated that he has no personal problem with any leading member of the NDC as speculated by some members of the party just to get sympathy votes.

Mr Jinapor alleged that the message of the MP for Damongo centers on former president Mahama in every election year to always solicit for votes, explaining that the name of former President John Dramani Mahama cannot save the MP this around.

He added that every presidential candidate relies on the parliamentary candidate’s efforts for votes and not the vice versa and therefore asked the people of the Damongo Constituency not to fall into the old methods of the MP since he has not performance over the years is poor in the constituency.

He said the unity and togetherness enjoyed in the NPP party is the driving force that is propelling them to victory in the next five days and that the NDC is envious of the unity and togetherness in the NPP camp and therefore resulting to falsehood peddling that he has blocked the salary of Mr Albert Kassim Diwura who is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority and twice NPP parliamentary candidate for the Damongo Constituency (2012 and 2016). He described Mr Diwura as his right hand man going into the election.

Mr Jinapor also outlined a number of activities that are in the pipeline for the people of the Damongo Constituency including job creation, women empowerment, improvement in the agricultural sector among many others as his main target when voted as the MP for the Constituency.

Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor
assured members of the NPP in the Damongo Constituency that he is working extra hard to win the seat even though all opinion polls in the Damongo Constituency points to a resounding victory for him.

“I am campaigning extra hard beyond the opinion polls for a resounding victory”; he said.