The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary for the Savannah Region Mr Salisu Be- Awuribe has called on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to either “dismiss” or “sanction” their Regional Communications Director Issah Mohammed for openly on public Radio insulting the Mandariwura and Tunawura of the Bole Traditional Area as well as the Secretary to the Bolewura.

“If the NPP are so minded and if they claim that they respect the Chieftaincy institution in Gonjaland, then they must either dismiss their communications Director and sanction him or publicly reprimand him or render an unqualified apology to the named Chiefs, the Bolewura and the Bole Traditonal Area with accompanying customary rights to appease the Skins of Gonjaland Chiefs”; the NDC Secretary said.

Mr Be- Awuribe said to describe the Mandariwura Seidu Awusi, the Tunawura Mumuni Dramani and the Secretary to the Bolewura Mr Haruna Abudulai Obey as “not Serious people” on public Radio “is the height of disrespect in Gonjaland” and as well describing two Chiefs a former NDC Executive and Former District Chief Executives respectively and so doing the bidding of NDC in the Bole Traditional area.

The NDC Secretary said to insult an agent of any Paramount Chief in Gonja is not only an insult to the Chief himself but to the skins, the Paramountcy and by extension, the entire Gonjaland”.

Mr Salisu Be- Awuribe who is known to be well versed in Gonja Tradition also took on the NPP Communication Director for the Savannah Region Issah Mohammed for announcing with disdain and disrespect the sickness of the Bolewura on radio.

“It is uncustomary for a person to publicly go publshing the health of any Chief and it is even a taboo in Gonja to greet someone from the Palace or persons close to the Chief and ask of the health of the Chief” Mr Be-‘Awuribe explained adding “Instead, if you want to know the health of the Chief in a capacity as big as Bole Paramountcy, you will instead ask of the health of his Horse, a genteelism, whether he has one or not and this is what is done by any person who understands the traditions and customs of Gonjaland”

“But go on a Public radio to openly advertise the ill health of a Paramount Chief is not only unhealthy, uncustomary and uncultured but also an affront to our Traditions and norms”.

On the brouhaha over the enskinment of former President John Dramani Mahama as “Kashintenwura” (Chief of Truth) by the Bole Traditional Council the NDC Secretary explained that; “In Gonja, the Principal Chief does not act in a vacuum or take sole decisions on Chieftaincy matters. He does that in consultation with his council of Elders, Clan or Family Heads, other role players, Queen mothers and at times his own wives”.

“Again, the structure of the Gonjaland Chieftaincy system abhors a vacuum. At any Stage of the temporal or permanent absence of a sitting Chief, there is always a Title, the holder of which takes oversight responsibilities of matters of State, in the absence of the Chief. This is because, Chieftaincy in Gonjaland is not a personal property, the right of which is exercised exclusively by the named occupant. A brother, son or family member who isn’t a recognised title holder has no role whatsoever in the affairs of the State or Skins and can not act or speak on behalf of the Chief in his absence”.

According to Mr Salisu Be- Awuribe “In the case of the Bole Area, in the absence of the Bolewura the Mankumawura and Seripewura among others steers the affairs of State and all these Chiefs were present to honour John Mahama in the absence of the Bolewura but with his express endorsement and approval.