The wife of the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Damongo Constituency of the Savannah Region, Madam Selina Assibi Anaaba has won her challenge as a voter against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Damongo Constituency.

It would be recalled that the wife of the Damongo MP for Damongo Hon Adam Mutawakilu aka Garlus was challenged as an eligible voter in Damongo in the presence of her husband by an NPP agent in Damongo on the 2nd August, 2020 at the Nuriya Mosque polling station. No amount of explanation from the MP could get the NPP agent to stand down on his decision.

As expected, the NPP agent was challenging her based on her tribe as a Frafra from the Upper East Region and not because Madam Selina was just ordinarily posing as the wife of the MP for the sake of getting the opportunity to register in Damongo.

Madam Selina has been voting in Damongo since 2012 after she got married to the MP.

Today 13th August, 2020 was scheduled for the hearing in Damongo and surprisingly, the NPP agent could not stand by all of his challenges and so in the end, the Voter identity card was given to the MP’s wife.

The MP has since thanked all those who took interest in the matter and the people of Damongo for standing with him and his family all these years and particularly during these trying times.