There was a nasty situation at Daboya in the North Gonja District (Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency) of the Savannah Region on 24th July, 2020 as members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) engaged in an open fight and stabbing of each other with knives over the the eligibility of a bus load of people that arrived in Daboya to take part in the Electoral Commissions Registration exercise.

Nkilgi FM’s correspondent at Daboya Musah Mahama Asafo when reached explained that NDC in the constituency said they got a tip off that a bus load of people were coming to Daboya from Mpaha in the Central Gonja District and so NDC members laid ambush waiting to see if the people were residents of Daboya or people who hail from Daboya.

According to the report when the bus arrived the NDC said they realised only 3 of the 18 people in the bus hail from Daboya and so protested resulting in an open fight and stabbing of each other until the police arrived to separate them.

Musah Asafo Mahama said the incident resulted in the closure of the Daboya Mosque registration centre on 24th July, 2020.

The NDC in the Daboya- Mankarigu Constituency of the Savannah Region issued a statemwnt to allege that “one Suslisu Tuntundani alias Macho, a coordinator of NDC in Daboya West Electoral Area was stabbed by one Fataw Abdulai who is one of the vigilantes for NPP in Daboya- Mankarigu constituency and a close aid to Alhaji Mahama Asei, NPP Parliamentary candidate”.

The Deputy NDC Constituency Secretary for the Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency Mr Zezebi Nashiru who issued the statement on 25th July, 2020 said the Parliamentary candidate of the NPP in the Daboya Mankarigu Constituency bused strangers from Central Gonja to Daboya to register and there were was a protest leading to the stabbing of one person by Fataw Abdulai.

“He (Fataw Abdulai) is known to be the leader of the vigilantes who is poised to spill blood anytime anywhere. This guy lives in the same house with the desperate Parliamentary candidate and he uses him in every dirty job in the Constituency including alledged ‘maiming’ of people”; the statement alleges.

Mr Zezebi Nashiru said; “some few days ago he was the leader of the vigilantes who went to Gua with rifles to frighten the people of Gua leading to the low turnout. They recorded 334 registrants instead of 387 recorded in 2019”.

“In another development, One Musah Dambol who is also a brother of the NPP Parliamentary candidate pulled out a gun to shoot but was only restraint by the crowd. As if this is not enough, one Yussif Fahad who is also a vigilante attempted to stab one NDC man but had to wound himself in that process”; the NDC said.

“We therefore, appeal to the security agencies in the Savannah Region to immediately arrest these thugs for the meantime and finally, crush this vigilantes with force failure which we will have no option than to defend ourselves”; the Daboya- Mankarigi NDC threatened.

The NDC supplied a photo of their member who was allegedly stabbed.

The NPP on the hand have also accused the NDC of stabbing their party agent.

A statement from Mohammed Issah the Director of Communications of NPP for the Savannah Region said; “An NPP party agent has been stabbed by thugs of the Member of Parliament for Daboya Mankarigu Constituency, Hon Shaibu Mahama. Another person from NPP is also in the same facility for a similar attack. The said Musah is currently at home with his gun and asking anyone who can pick him up to do so”.

The statement from Mohammed Issah NPP further said; “The NPP in the Savannah Region is calling on the District Police Command to as a matter if urgency pick up this hooligan to step down the tension in the area”.