The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for the
Salaga South Constituency of the Savannah Region Hajia Zuwera Ibrahimah has said that the sad developments of Thursday 23rd July 2020 night where a group of people in Kafaba lynched a 90 year old woman Madam Dente Akua and which unfortunate incident was reported on TV3 news is both sad and regrettable and that she wish to join the people of East Gonja Municipality and the entire country in condemning this barbaric act.

A statement issued by Haji Zuwera Ibrahimah and copies to Bole based Nkilgi FM said it t is unfortunate that some individuals in Kafaba will perpetuate such an act based on accussasions of witch craft.

“How do you accuse a vulnerable 90 year old woman of witch craft and defenseless as she is, you proceed to lynch her to death”; she asked adding; “This is crime of the highest order and I expect the Ghana police to track down the perpetrators of this barbaric and crimanl act, and bring them to juctice”.

The NDC Parliamentary candidate said the law must work immediately to bring some relief to the affected family and to instill a sense of security in the people of Kafaba.

“As a society, we have a duty to protect the vulnerable and less privileged as custom has taught us in our communal living. Any deviation from this time tested culture and tradition will spell doom for our societies and especially to target Women in these barbaric acts is most unfortunate and must be condemned by all”; Hajia Zuwera adding “Women at all levels, shape societies and so the stereotyping of women as ‘witches’ must stop”.

The Salaga South NDC candidate ssid it is doubly sad when other women lead these actions against their fellow women and that this unfortunate incident in Kafaba this week must be a wake up call to all women to stand by one another and should never allow themselves to be used for such criminal acts”.

“It’s sad that another women proclaimed the 90 year old as a witch and which led to her being lynched to death. The discrimination against women must end and women must lead the effort”, she added.

“I expect the police to act immediately in investigating this crime in order for peace and tranquility to be restored in Kafaba. Lawlessness such as exhibited by some individuals and groups in Kafaba should not be tolerated and everything must be done within the law to stop such acts in the future.

“Mob violence is an attack on the Fundamental Human Rights of the individual including the right to security and the right to life. At no time, therefore must any person or group of people abuse the rights of any other to the extent of violently taking their lives”; Haji Zuwera stated.

Meanwhile the family of the 90-year-old woman lynched at Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region is calling for the arrest of the perpetrators of the crime including the Chief of the Community.

They say the circumstances leading to the gruesome killing of the old woman was against her fundamental human rights.